What is the usual process?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am very new to the board here, and am very thankful for this section of allnurses.com. I have read a lot of really good information, and supportive information.

    My background is primarily in ER - worked there for over 2 years until December '08. I was busted for diverting a certain medication on multiple occasions over the past year discovered by a computer audit during an investigation of one of my friends at work (who was caught shooting up in the restroom).

    I admitted to taking the medication, however, never while at work and all for my own usage. As many of you I have undergone more shame and guilt than anyone should ever have to go through. I mean, there are nurses out there who have tried or successfully killed themselves over these kinds of situations, and I can understand why if you are not a mentally stable person to begin with - so obviously it's a heckova shameful thing!

    Anyway, I was advised by the nursing compliance officer to voluntarily surrender my license, and so I did so. I have also been attending NA meetings from 5-6 times per week since that 2nd week in december, and have found more spiritual and personal growth as a result. So really, this has all worked out for the betterment of my life in the long run, I think.

    However, I have a few unanswered questions about my future, that I thought I would post to this board.

    1. Typically, how long does it take for a hospital to press charges on you?
    I have not heard anything from the hospital, county prosecutor, or anyone else for that matter regarding this - and it happened the 2nd week in December.

    2. How long does it take to have your application processed for the Alternative Program (chemical dependency) through the board of nursing?

    3. Is there a possibility for not getting admitted into this program?
    My offense was diversion (straight up stealing for my own use) of medications (non-narcotic), however schedule 3, did not use while on the job, did not charge patients inappropriately for drugs diverted, never stole from patients.

    4. From a legal standpoint, is it probable that I get a felony charge, or is there possibility of a reduction in charge, such as being granted an 'intervention in leiu of conviction'?

    I'm sure not everyone can answer these questions, however, I'm just worried about them, and looking to see if anyone can give me any ballpark figures. These questions are always followed by the Serenity Prayer to help me out, and get through!! However, I'm just looking for someone who has 'been there, done that'.


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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Each BON is different on how they handle things, we can't give any legal advice here but someone may come along and be able to guide you but I think knowing which state may make it easier.
  4. by   Magsulfate
    I'm just a little confused here. You say that you voluntarily surrendered your nursing license, right? Then how can you go through the state's peer assitance program if you are no longer a nurse? I think you need to call your state's BON on this matter.
  5. by   recoveringcory
    Re: What is the usual process?I'm just a little confused here. You say that you voluntarily surrendered your nursing license, right? Then how can you go through the state's peer assitance program if you are no longer a nurse? I think you need to call your state's BON on this matter.

    Hi there, thanks for the reply. Surrending your license voluntarily is part of the application process in applying for the Alternative Program for my state. I can have it reinstated at any time, however, that would be cause for disqualification for the Alternative Program! If accepted into the program, I get my license back, and then some probable restrictions of some sort. If I am not accepted into the program, then I get my license back, and then am subject to disciplinary action. Hope that clears things up!


  6. by   Magsulfate
    I think maybe you have answered your own question as far as that goes. Now, think about this,, even IF they decide to press charges against you, wouldn't it be in your best interest to be in the program already? So, there ya go! I wish the best for you and remember always hold your head up high.
  7. by   SassyErRn
    Hello and welcome.
    Every state is different. I was diverting narcs and was suspended from my job. I was given the phone # for my states recovery program that helps healthcare workers. If I didn't call them then I would have lost my license and maybe taken to jail...but they did not tell me that and trust me, I didn't think about if I wanted to lose my license or get help...it was easy to decide.
    GL to you and your revocery.
  8. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Most organizations these days are treatment oriented rather than punitive, so they may not be planning on pressing charges, unless they indicated to you that they would.

    Good luck with everything. I'm glad to see that you're finding that in the long run, getting caught was the best thing to happen.
  9. by   chiefshewho
    What state are you in? Just wondering. I hear different requirements all the time. Just keep doing what you are doing. It comes in amd out of my head all the time where this will take me. Are they pressing charges against me? Just try and give it to GOD and do God's will. I know it is hard. It is a struggle for me still to surrender.