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25 y/o nurse. Love learning and teaching. Married to the woman of my dreams who is also a nurse! I'm always willing to listen and learn! I am also a nurse in recovery and have been clean since December 4, 2008!

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  1. Travelling nurse?

    Advantages: Higher pay, being exposed to various methods and protocols of healthcare delivery - making you more well rounded, see more of the country. Disadvantage: you have to learn and adapt to knew protocols, policies, and procedures, havta learn ...
  2. Abd CT : PO contrast vs IV contrast

    Sometimes they don't use IV contrast. In most instances in the ER, the Docs almost always used PO and IV contrast. The IV contrast should help identify within the bowel and surrounding that there is adequate blood flow, and there isn't ischemic or ne...
  3. Nursing Shoe

    Crocs are a pretty comfortable, light-weight shoe. I've heard Nike Shocks are a very good shoe to buy as well. I've always used Addidas or K-Swiss shoes, and have had no problems with them! Bottem line is don't get a cheap off brand shoe, because I'v...
  4. Choosing between ppositions

    My thought as to this manner is take the 3 12s. I love three twelves - 3 days of work and you are done! Heck if your facility is self scheduling, you can work it in such a way to get 7 days off in a row - don't even need to take vacation days. I'm al...
  5. ER vs. Bedside

    Everyone has already said about everything I could say. I can tell you, ER gives you a good foundation on your nursing skills, because you are doing ALL of them on a consistent basis, and get quite good at them! If you are looking for an environment ...
  6. xanax use

    yes it will show up in a drug test and you will fail - it shows up as a benzodiazapine. You need to inform your potential employer of these kinds of drugs prior to taking the position.
  7. What kind of job can I get as a CNA? In the ER?

    I'm not sure about Texas, specifically. Typically a CNA class trains you for the STNA exam. There's not typically a STNA class per se, it's a CNA class that trains you to pass the STNA exam license. Really the STNA license just makes you more marketa...
  8. Question for ADN or Diploma Nurses who went back to get BSN

    1. explain the reasons why you decided to return to school for a bachelor of science degree in nursing and be sure to list your reasons. you have a better opportunity for advancement into management and other areas where an adn nurse may not be as qu...
  9. What kind of job can I get as a CNA? In the ER?

    Some hospitals do hire CNAs in the ER. Having your STNA is a better marketing feature, though. However, our hospital actually got rid of the CNAs, because they couldn't function as highly as the techs who were EMTs or paramedics, in that they can't d...
  10. Questions about travel nursing careers

    I would highly suggest at least 1.5 to 2 years experience in your specified area of expertise. Get the basics down, get your skills down, get the feel of the environment down. The reason I say this is because you will need to learn new charting metho...
  11. Question!!! (Men in Emergency Nursing)

    Disagree. Why? If the hospital you work for is like mine, when deciding to go to ER, you get placed with a preceptor for 2-3 months before being out on your own. During that period, your preceptor will volunteer you for all the nursing skills you can...
  12. Question!!! (Men in Emergency Nursing)

    see below...
  13. Question!!! (Men in Emergency Nursing)

    I have almost 3 years ER. Why? 1. Because there is so much diversity. You see people with a large variety of ailments and have to know about treatment, signs and symptoms, ect. for each one. 2. Excellent foundation for your nursing skills, as you u...
  14. What is the usual process?

    Re: What is the usual process?I'm just a little confused here. You say that you voluntarily surrendered your nursing license, right? Then how can you go through the state's peer assitance program if you are no longer a nurse? I think you need to call...
  15. Test result question...please help!!!

    Hi there, It sounds like you did everything right. Like the above post says, see what the protocol is for taking them. Now for addressing the rude nurse. #1. Don't let it bother you. Think about it, you have control on what does or doesn't bother yo...