The Black List

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    Hi all,

    Wondering if there is such a thing as a Secret Black list ?
    And what type of issues can put a nurse on this list ?
    I've been doing all the grueling footwork involved in my
    job search and feel as if I'm just losing all hope and have
    never felt so depressed..I can barely get out of bed. I'm
    a single mother of a teen and i'm in my 50's. Please help me
    it feels like God has deserted me.

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    Surely you know that black listing occurs in the workplace. There is nothing new about that fact. No one can stop people from talking to others unofficially. And then there is gossip. You can't waste your time worrying about the black list or you will never work. Everyone has to get out there and get beyond negative statements made to keep them from working. If you feel that your good name is being disparaged illegally, then you need to see an attorney. But chances are very high that you will be told that the employer can say anything about your job performance that is true, and anything about your job performance that is their "opinion". So, it is a waste of money to go after an employer for speaking poorly about you, unless you have a cut and dry case. Good luck in your job hunting.
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    I mean for sure I've seen this happen. I live in a fairly large city but these managers - especially if it's the same specialty like nicu- see each other or communicate with each other due to community programs or state committee meetings or conferences. If one of then deems you unworthy you may have a hard time penetrating the market especially right now and especially with so many young eager new grads willing to do whatevers needed to get a job. Consider changing specialties and doing something different or going outside your immediate area. You might be able to build your credibility among a new group and they may see you as a shining star. Do some self reflecting and think about what led to the black listing, perhaps you were more vocal than need be or overcome with emotions or had a particularly rough year when it came to I'll ess. Be honest with yourself. After you settle in to your new place you may be able to interview again at the places you are turned away from. And maybe with the new references they will take you on. Or you may find you enjoy your new work place. Don't give up. Just keep searching and networking and be flexible about what you are willing to do.
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    Check "GroupOne" in Texas.
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    i know when i worked in a ltc in california one of my co-workers she was on a black list. she hurted her back and sued a ltc for alot of money , so basically she cant find another job (considered a risk)
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    I wrote this in another post but I think it is also a appropriate response to this post also.

    I live in a small town and lost many jobs due to my addiction.After I found my sobriety I was unable to find anywhere that would give me a chance. i finally took a job as a cashier for about 2 years . I did however continue my urine screens and my contact with the BON. I then was fortunate enough to find a facility that would give me a chancee as a CNA. I did that for about 10 months. then I finally recieved the great news that they wee willing to give me a chance as a lpn. II started my orientation last week. I am so happy and glad my hard work paid off. Dont give up.
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    To momofsix, I have six kids too!! It definately gives you the courage to get out there and look for jobs! Mt story is much the same as yours. After 21 mo. I am just getting back into nursing. On the bright side, the time away can be beneficial to your recovery. I feel my recovery is very strong now as I attempt to return to nursing. My life, although I have seen huge financial struggles, is much much better now. Recovery is awesome and has to come first. It's good for me to hear your story. Thanks for sharing. ODAAT. :redpinkhe
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    I too am scared of the "black list". I just got the word from the bon that they will be reinstating my license soon and I am scared I won't be able to find a job.
    My goal right now is to just get a job in nsg anyplace i can(when I get my license). It's scarey for me because my whole nsg career has been in L&D.
    Good Luck all
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    dont give up whatever it takes just remember that as long as you stay clean you deserve a chance and someone will see that.
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    You may have to work somewhere that's not first on your list. I too am in my 50s. The thought of job hunting and competing with nurses in their 20s is scary. Just be strong. Keep thinking about how lucky somebody is going to be when they hire you.
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