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Anyone out there in EEP? I just started 1.5 weeks ago. I am pretty bummed that I won't be able to have a glass of wine for the next year! I have never had a problem with drugs or alcohol, hence my... Read More

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    For TPAPN and EEP you cannot take narcs while in the program period. If you get in a car accident and are given narcs in the ED, you cannot return to work until you screen negative.
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    TXRN2 - Do you know anyone in TPAPN who has had to go over their contract period in order to meet the testing requirements? I am asking b/c I have only been selected for testing 5 times in 4 months (one of those was dilute, so probably doesn't count). In EEP, we have to test at least 18 times in one year. That means I will need to test 13 or 14 more times in the next 8 months. I can't believe I am saying this, but I hope they get on the ball and start testing me more often!!
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    Has anyone been tested for anything other than Options 1 & 3 with Quest Diagnostics?
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    callahan: i'm the only person i ever knew who was in TPAPN!! i had a case manager i could call about things- do you have one of those in EEP?? i usually tested twice a month- i, too, would want to get those things done so you can be through!! if you have one- i would call your case manager, good luck!!
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    For people in EEP, be grateful. When they say zero tolerance, they mean zero tolerance....I had to learn that the hard way. I was put into TPAPN for a trace of marijuana after a random for a patient telling the charge nurse that I was stealing her drugs. She was on Morphine, Xanax, Phenergan Temazapam, and Klonopin, mind you, a real psych case. I admitted that I smoked marijuana daily and drank beer twice a week on my days off. I was suddenly labeled Cannabis Dependent, and Alcohol Abusive, and my life has been a nightmare ever since. I was put in TPAPN and continued to drink on my days off. When they hit me with the 80 hour ETG test for alcohol, I was fired. I have been unable to secure employment, because of the restrictions that are insane, and I have been clean and sober since the start of my TPAPN program since March of 2011. I have tested 3 times a month every month but 2 of the 28 months I have been in the program at 60 bucks a piece. My mother has been gracious enough to continue paying for them even though she knows I do not need to be in this program, and we are fighting to change the rules so that they could put me in an EEP program since I have this much sobriety and time in the program. That way, they could drop the restrictions that are keeping me from being employed, and I could still work for a year to complete the program. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for me yet, but I keep praying about it. So, DO NOT DRINK either, because the ETG ECG test is an 80 hour alcohol metabolite test. Up to 5 days since your last drink is detected.
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    I have been in TPAPN for two years and four months, and have only gone to the lab twice in one month twice. Every other month I tested 3 times. I have been tested 3 times in 8 days, two days back to back and then 5 days later again. Different Options 1, 2, and 3 at Quest Diagnostics.
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    Benadryl or Diphenhydramine is what is in Tylenol PM, but I am allowed to take Benadryl on TPAPN. It's one of the few things I am allowed to take. LOL I am afraid to put anything in my mouth, because of TPAPN.
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    Bethany, how did go about getting Benadryl approved?
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    I was in the EEP. I thought the alcohol part pertained to the DwI/DUi's. I took Nyquil before a test and it came back positive for alcohol. Now I have been dropped from the program. She offered me the TPAPN road but declined. I declined only because i got re-evaluated and still no addiction problem, what now? Please note that I have never fail a drug screen in my life other then the one in the EEP for alcohol.
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    Now instead of a shot at getting your record cleared after successful completion of tpapn, they will order some sort of disciplinary action. Best advice. Get a lawyer and sign nothing from the board. Request your day in court at the state office of administrative hearings. I wish I had.

    Let us know what happens.

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