Soooo discouraged!!

  1. Well I still have not gotten a job! I have been to 3 interviews so far always being diligent to disclose my recovery status and the fact that I have a 6 month key restriction on the phone while setting the interviews up. That way if they are automatically turned off by that I don't waste anyones time.

    The first 2 still wanted to meet with me but once I got in there the focus of the interview was them wanting to hear my story in full gory detail. They wouldn't discuss much else and sent me polite letters saying they had went another way b/c of "lack of experience" but they really didn't let me discuss my experiences beyond the negative. The 3rd lady was very open and didn't make me rehash the bad stuff at all. B/C I have been working as a waitress during the last 3 years she actually asked questions that were open to that. She grasped that I had chosen to step out of nursing to recover holistically without taking care of others. It really felt like a positive interview and she said she was passing my app on to some various clinic hiring managers. That was one week ago.

    Now today I have my 4th interview with an antibiotic infusion clinic. And I feel very discouraged and negative. I did not tell her anything about the negative yet and thought I may try to "start with a positive" per my hubby's suggestion. But I know I have to tell her b/c she will likely be cautious about my not practicing for 3 years. I think that fact has kept 1/2 the places I sent my resume to from calling back at all to even hear that there is a not so nice reason behind that time frame.

    I think my road has made me stronger. I wish someone would let me prove that to them. I can't get through this 6 months without an oppourtunity b/c the restriction isn't lifted without "utilizing my RN license" w/o passing narcs. I know its standard but I wish they could have taken into account that I have 3 years clean. Oh well, if wishes were rainbows.....


    I just don't have it in me to believe this is the way this all ends.
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  3. by   Ang_RN
    I am really sorry you are having a hard time finding a job. I think you are right in not giving up, just keep trying. There is somewhere out there that will give you a chance. You just have to find it.
  4. by   lady2008
    Have you tried Nursing Homes? I am a LPN and I have a hearing for testing positive for marijuana. I will have a restriction on my license. The board meeting is in july. I know it is hard for employment and I know the facilities I work for will let me go as soon as they are made aware of the situation. Your right nobody cares about the recovery, on the down fall. Keep your head high and pray to GOD for direction and belief HE will do it!!!!!
  5. by   ms. papa RN AGAIN
    Interview #4 was at an antibiotic infusion clinici today (maybe i said that already ). B/c I didn't tell her before I got there I actually got to "start with some positives" like the fact that I have strong IV skills and LOVE wound care & dressing changes! Then I brought up my addiction history and my key restriction. I explained the strength I've gained through my journey and that it was b/c I am a dedicated professional that I chose to not practice during the difficult stage of my recovery. I even told her that my job search his proven to be a struggle , but that I will keep walking with my head up waiting until someone gives me a chance. She SAID she was impressed with my honesty and that the key restriction is not an issue b/c there is no narcs involved. Also that she would contact me within a week after more interviews. But the positive ( I hope) is that she is adding 3 new positions so I have better odds! I am so glad to have this site. My family tries but its nice to have people in the know. Thanks for the positive energy!!
  6. by   Spike45
    ms. papa

    This is what I have been trying to let everyone know. You know now that you have labeled; what hospital, doctor's office, clinic, health care facility what's a nurse that has obviously been an addict. Don't you think they are afraid.

    One of the post says to be totally honest and I disagree. If you are totally up front and honest it only bites you in the you know what.

  7. by   Atheos
    Honesty is good. A place that won't hire you solely because of mistakes in the past probably aren't going to be worth it. The place that gives you the chance will be the good one. Keep pounding on the door. Eventually someone will open it.

    You never know who will be in charge. My BP has been a problem and after moving from emplyer to employer to find one that fit me and that I fit I ran smack dab into one with a DON and Administrator with children that have BP.

    Don't let it get you down or give up. Good luck with this last interview.
  8. by   ms. papa RN AGAIN
    Well, interview #5 scheduled for tomorrow!! I haven't heard back from the last two yet, but the upside of that is that they have not rejected me!! (yet!! lol) So, right now the plan is I am just gonna keep on kicking until I find a door that caves in!! Thanks for reading!!
  9. by   missfree38
    I really understand where you are coming from i have a 1 year narc restriction as an lpn and i have been to multiple interviews and nothing yet. I am trying to keep the faith but its hard some days. I dont want to give up just yet. I know someone out there will give me another chance to prove that i am a good nurse or thats what i say to myself everyday. good luck
  10. by   ms. papa RN AGAIN
    THANK YOU FOR THAT!! It is so nice to know I am not the only one going through this. I love this site!! My family and friends are super supportive but on bad days I just want to tell them to stop sounding so cheesy positive. But hearing it from another person who actually KNOWS what it feels like to be rejected for past mistakes-over and over again is more reassuring. It will help when I go tomorrow and I can remind myself that I am not the first nurse to do this and that we are humans first and nurses second. I have tried to tell interviewers that I feel I am more stable in my recovery process then someone who isn't dependent (or admitting it) yet, b/c everyone already knows where I have been and I am getting radom monthly UA"s meaning they have something like an insurance policy for the first year during the time that they can get to know me and trust me for my actual performance and personality. So far it hasn't made anyone feel "safe" but I still have faith (mostly).
  11. by   BinkieRN
    Quote from Spike45
    One of the post says to be totally honest and I disagree. If you are totally up front and honest it only bites you in the you know what.

    I don't agree in this particular case. The OP has to be totally honest since there is a restriction on her license. I still think honesty is the best policy in life, generally speaking. That doesn't mean you have to offer up information that isn't asked for. In this case it is necessary to reveal. I wish the OP the best of luck. Sounds like interview #4 went well.
  12. by   GrumpyRN63
    Ms.Papa, Keep your determination (and head ) up high!,the right opportunity WILL come your way, I'm pulling for you Good Luck !!!and keep us updated on how it turns out :redpinkhe Grumpy
  13. by   Thunderwolf
    Keep up the hope and the faith, ms. yourself and in your job search.

    You have my very best.

    Big Hugs.
  14. by   SuesquatchRN
    Hang in there, ms. papa. You'll get a nursing job.