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Restricted license in one state, considering moving to another after probation

  1. 1 Hi All--

    I currently have a restricted license in OH, but my husband and I are considering a move to GA after all this nonsense is done. I have a maximum of 6 mos left on my probation. Long story short, I was bullied into signing this stupid agreement by the board's attorney... Realizing now that the things they were accusing me of were completely irrelevant and actually past any sort of actions being able to be brought against me. I used drugs and admitted to a counselor that I had done so, but this was even 6 years prior to me applying for licensure!! The board threw the book at me and I have been suffering for 3 years with this...

    My question is, is it possible for you to have an unencumbered licensed in another state, after you complete your probation?

    Anyone have experience with this?
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    I am sorry but we cannot give legal advice as per the terms of would probably be best if you talked with someone familiar with licensure issues.
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    You need to have a very frank talk with the BoN in Georgia. They will tell you what you can and cannot do about getting a license in their state after whatever happened in Ohio.

    You have posted about this in more than one place and you're pretty much going to get the same answer, because, really, there isn't much else to say, except, as Esme noted, an attorney with expertise in nursing licensure might have some clever ideas. But the GA BoN is really the gatekeeper here, and what they say, goes.

    You didn't ask for advice on this part, but I'm not Dear Abby so I'll give it to you anyway: When you talk to them, do not say anything about being "bullied into signing" anything. You are an adult who held a professional license and are presumed to be competent to read and understand anything that is put in front of you for your signature, including the consequences of declining to sign it. Saying otherwise may make them wonder about your maturity and judgment in other matters. Drugs, you say?
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    Licensure applications in states where I've lived ask if an applicant has ever had a license sanctioned/disciplined/restricted/revoked. While none of us here can say what any state board action will be, this will follow you - best to come up with a strategy now to deal with it.
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    I know that when I completed probation and went to another state, I had to supply all the paperwork from my probation/prior state and it was a ton of paperwork--copies of eveything from the discipline agreement etc--and I saw on the website for the BON, that they don't allow nurses with discipline currently on license to become locensed in that state. I had no problem, but I was past my probation and my license was currently undisciplined. Your previous state with discipline action will always be listed on Nursys, even if your current license is fine. Just be open, honest and upfront. It helps.
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    I am in that situation, and I would be totally upfront with GA. If you think you can get away with not disclosing, you probably will for a while, but it will come back to bite you. They will catch up with you, and when they do, the consequences are far worse.
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    Update: My license was finally released back to unrestricted status last month! Finally! After 2 1/2 years I can pursue any line of work that I chose and hopefully get it! I am just trying to find a line of defense when presenting my past probation to a new board. I am aware that I will have to submit paperwork, but it also says to submit a statement explaining each action. What is the best course of action for this? Just explain the probation and be very straight forward, leaving any and all emotion out of it? For example... "I was given such and such probation for x amount of time. I completed my probation early, etc, etc"?
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    Are you showing charges on your license? Was you disciplined? If not why would you disclose anything to anyone? When I signed my contract in NC I was told once I completed the AP program I would have a clean record so to speak , have no charges or discipline on my record and when filling any application I would be able to check no when asked if I had ever been disciplined. Maybe contact your current BON and ask them what you need to disclose.
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    Unfortunately, Ohio does not do that. Once you have been disciplined, then it appears for LIFE. I actually just had a job offer rescinded today because of my past discipline. I need to disclose my prior discipline because it is searchable via BON site and nursys.
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    Just so you know, GA has a 4 year consent requirement. If you have completed less than this in another state then they may require you to fulfill their 4 years of testing and aftercare with time served. Depending on the circumstances, you may get a public or private consent. I hate to say it but for the past year GA has been handing out public consents which are visible for the rest of your life online. While this state wants you to continue working as a RN as long as you work with a consent, they have passed some rules that are more punitive than the years past. Good luck.
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    Thank you for replying! That's what Ohio has done to me. No criminal record, yet I'm treated like one. THIS WILL BE ON FOR THE REST OF MY NURSING CAREER! That does not seem fair what so ever. I am still having a heck of a time getting a job because of the "prior discipline". I completed my agreement, but its still haunting me.
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