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Hello all,I'm so glad I fought this forum. I've replied to several posts but thought it was time I told my story.Shewwww here goes: I have been a nurse since 2006. Worked in ICU & ER for a couple years from there moved on to my... Read More

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    Hi there
    You private messaged me back in November of 2012 and I did not get any notification. I am really sorry. I understand the need to talk to other nurses in recovery. I hope by this time you are attending 12 step meetings on a regular basis. Please email me directly at

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    Quote from Vishwamitr

    Dear GA_RN,
    It is not my place to judge you (or judge anyone else for that matter) but personally I feel that 2 years is a very short period of time to be declared "recovered". I also believe that one is still vulnerable with elapse of such a short period.
    I feel for you but give yourself some more time when you feel even stronger, much more enlightened, and have a better insight because it is not just your life that is at stake but others' too whose lives are entrusted in your shaky hands. Please understand that I am not being condescending or judgmental but some one who calls spade a spade.
    OMG!!!!!!!! 2 yrs is a huge deal especially when we are taking one day at a time. I agree that we have to start somewhere and the even the first month is a big deal. For those of us that are fairly new to this someone stating two yrs is minor is VERY discouraging! We are all going to need different amounts of time to develop our road to recovery. We made a mistake, its not as though we spent our whole lives making that mistake...... my point is two yrs is a great accomplishment.

    On a side note...... there are a lot of people on here that are not in recovery. Maybe these people are going off of the education or family experiences. For these people I say this .... I delt with addiction growing up via my family. I watched people I loved struggle and was hurt in the process and because of that I developed a certain view of addiction. Then there is the education nursing school gives us. Then secondary to an injury I became an addict to pain medication. Please know that if you do not have an addiction problem you cannot fully comprehend how we feel or what struggles we face.
    I understand this forum is open to all, however if you don't have first hand understanding then why would you attempt to give advice to people seeking advice from nurses with first hand experience.
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    Quote from GA_RN2006
    Hello all,I'm so glad I fought this forum. I've replied to several posts but thought it was time I told my story.Shewwww here goes: I have been a nurse since 2006. Worked in ICU & ER for a couple years from there moved on to my dream job. I work there for about a yr & in the last few months started diverting Percocet. I couldn't believe what I was doing at times it felt like I was having an out of body experience, I was sick, both physically & mentally. Im scared now that I'll never be given a second chance to prove I'm no longer that "sick" person. Recovery has been a long lonely road & at times I've tried giving up but I know now God has other plans for me. I always wanted to be a nurse, I was good at what I did but now bc of my addiction I may never be given another chance. I can look back now & be thankful for the road I have traveled bc it's made me the person I am today, which is a strong, health woman. I just wish there were more ppl out there that understood that addiction is a disease & not everybody that suffers from this illness is not a dead beat, loser that doesn't want & need help. Well this has been my story in a nut shell. I hope I can help others out there that have walked in my worn out shoes.
    You're story is so very similar to mine! I just lost my job d/t diversion of Percocet 2 weeks ago. I reported to the ncbon before my employer did and just starting out on my path in the AP program. My biggest angst is being able to land a job after IOP and being reinstated with all those lovely stips! There is such a lack of understanding and tolerance when it comes to us Nurses, if I were some business person or everyday joe nobody would even think twice to admonish me the way that I think many of us have been.
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    Thank you Hunnie. It feels relieved to know sometimes I'm not the only person that's made mistakes. I too am very apprehensive about looking for work once I've completely my long list of to do's. I wish you all the best
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