OIG Exclusions List + affect on nurses ability work - page 3

Could any of you explain how it is that a RN gets put on the OIG list and what this entails. I am just curious as to what I may be facing. I am right now in the investigation process and holding my... Read More

  1. by   SororAKS
    Check and make sure everything on the OIG list, and the National Practitioner Databank, is correct. Mine is not and now I have to make sure it is.
  2. by   Angelica d
    I barely found out that iam on it as well already sent for the reinstatement packet because its been 9 years. I have not since then done direct care just managment for an agency that works with people with disabilities. So anything Ive accomplished is over due to this finding....Im very sad about it but I know God will carry me through this storm and bring me out safe.
  3. by   Angelica d
    I work in management for an agency who works with people with disabilities. I just found out im on the list. Its been 9 years never knew because its under my maiden name..... Im so confused about this list is and what I have to do.....Im sure when I let my job know I will be terminated. If there is any tips you may have please let me know.