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Could any of you explain how it is that a RN gets put on the OIG list and what this entails. I am just curious as to what I may be facing. I am right now in the investigation process and holding my breath. I did not divert meds... Read More

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    Get a nurse atty to review your case and represent you. I know that most nurses qualify to get their license even if under special stipulations on how and where they can work, forensic psych exams, drug testing etc but, they do get it done. This is usually required for a 1-2 year period. Get all the written recommendation letters you can and get an attorney. Good luck on your return. Thank God for second chances. Take your recovery seriously and 1 step at a time. I am sure you can do it!
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    You need to hire an attorney to help you, what state do you live in?
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    Hi, I'm an RN in IA. I had a charge for prohibited acts in oct 09 for forging a prescription during my active addiction. I have completed everything asked through the BON (suspension and probation) but still cannot work as a nurse for 4.5 more years b/c of the OIG exclusion list. First of all, they didn't put me on the list until almost 2 years AFTER the charge, which is BS. And I'm under a required 5 year wait even though my charge was deferred, I've completed probation and am going to get this charge expunged. I'm okay with the BON and the State judicial system BUT STILL CANT WORK!! I'm working at minimum wage job and am very down about losing my nursing career. I need ideas for places to work while on the list! There isn't much unfortunately... I've applied at the blood center of IA and Biolife plasma center and thinking I could possibly work there without issues. No luck yet. Any more ideas?? I so badly miss saying "I'm Rachel and I'll be your nurse today!"
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    I know that it's been some time since you last posted and I was wondering how things went for you. I am in sort of the same situation. I surrendered in one state and went through a program in my home state - where I maintain my license active and clear. I no longer work in nursing, but I maintain my license just in case I want to jump back in. I am hoping to be removed from the list because I got my license fully reinstated in my home state.

    And, I am curious how things went with you....
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    Hi Rachel,

    Until finding this website today, I thought that I was all alone. My nursing career spans twenty four years - of which, eleven months right in the middle is how BON's and employers chose to define me.

    Today, I have reinvented myself since my addiction. I've been sober for nearly ten years and I retain my RN license in my home state. Since 2004 (my year of trouble), I earned a Bachelors degree and this month I completed my Masters degree.

    Serious - I thought that there weren't others like 'me' out there.

    I'd love to connect to exchange experiences. Maybe we can learn something from each other?

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