Just took random drug test

  1. Hello everyone.
    I was working last Sunday and at the end of my shift the OA came up to me and asked me to walk with her. I asked her if I had done something wrong, she told me I was fine but she escorted me off the unit. She then told me that one of my patients family members stated that I looked like I was under the influence. She told me I had to submit to a urine and blood test immediately. I told I did not want to and she stated that I would be reported to the BON if I refused. Long story short, I was not inebriated but I smoke weed on my days off. It is now Thursday and I still haven't heard anything back. My manager called me before I was scheduled to work to tell me not to report to work until the situation is resolved. I fully expect the test to come back positive for THC. I am so scared and I do not know what to do. It feels like the end of the world. So what can I expect to happen next? Will it be easier to pursue another career than to go through TPAPN? I have researched the TPAPN process and it seems so humiliating. I don't know what to do. I know I need to admit I have a problem and I am almost there but not quite. Any advice, Please?
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  3. by   PinkRocksLikeMe
    I don't know the answers as I am a pre-nursing student, but I am sorry you are in this situation and I hope it all works out for you....
  4. by   Code55
    The rule of thumb with a situation like yours is seek out an attorney. It might save you a lot of trouble and will be well worth it. Don't go into this alone without legal advise. Please do not say anything to anyone until you talk to an attorney. Let them talk to your attorney. You might have to take sometime off of work under the medical leave act. Don't provide any urine until you talk to an attorney. They have no right to fire you unless you already provided a + urine.

    You indicated you might have a problem with cannabis. I would get an assessment by a treatment center to help you determine if you have a problem then follow their recommendations.

    Let us know how things are going...
  5. by   MizChelleRN
    Please note that I don't mean to offend WHATSOEVER with what I am about to say. No, I also don't want to argue it either, because I respect anyone else's beliefs and won't try to push my beliefs on you if you don't want to hear it....ignore me if you must....(yep its a God thing, or spirituality if you will....)

    In my life, I didn't think I had a problem either (actually, I knew the drug thing WAS getting out of control but I didn't want to give up my "social" drinking) (and actually you stated you probably do have a problem but aren't ready to give it up yet anyways)....ugh, I hate when I ramble and can't make my point....anyhoo. God (of my understanding) sent me a wake up call...in the form of something pretty similar to what you are going through. Yeah, I wasn't done with it, but I think a Higher Power wanted to send me a signal that it was time for a change. I feel like I could have kept using and drinking, and perhaps I would have gotten sicker, or at the least, very resistant to change.....but I got my wakeup call while I still had the WILLINGNESS to be well. Any idea of "control" you may have is usually just your disease lying to you....we don't control it, it controls us. And it wants us DEAD. period. If we wait until WE are "done with it"...we will be dead....I have a hard time believing I would have ever come to the conclusion that I needed to change on my own. I needed someone to intervene on my behalf. I needed to go to jail, court, probation, two treatment programs, monitoring with the board of nursing, what some would consider to be a "high bottom" was a low enough one for me. Today I am grateful I went through what I did to get where I am today.

    I am sorry you are hurting....there is so much pain in this process....guilt, shame, embarrassment, humiliation. But know that the night is darkest before the dawn, the miracle is yet to come, it is your time. This is a GIFT to you, for you, your loved ones, for the rest of your life. I wish you peace. Come back and let us know how you are doing. ~Michelle
  6. by   learninglessons12
    Thanks for all the feedback. It has been a week and I still haven't heard anything. I have stopped smoking and I don't miss it. It's funny how something like this has to happen for me to stop and think about what is most important to me. The weed is not important and it has not been hard for me to stop. Nursing is my life. Even on my worst days (we have all had them) I still love what I do. So if I have to go thourh TPAPN, it's okay. At the end of the day, I just want to be a well balanced person who is a good nurse.
    I am sorry this is happening to you-Ive been there-not knowing whats gonna happen and I think thats the worst part. Good luck!
  8. by   gmkj
    maybe they wont report it to the bon and as long as you no longer smoke may be o.k. I would not make any calls until you know for sure. Trust me you dont want to be involved with the TPAPN if you dont have to. and if you can afford it get a lawyer if you cant try calling legal aid.
  9. by   learninglessons12
    Sooooooo. Supervisor called and asked me to meet her. They told me that the drug test came back positive which is board reportable. Also stated that they had to terminate their relationship with me and since I had not worked there long enough, they would not offer me the chance to work there under TPAPN. Now I am just waiting to hear from the board and I guess from there, I will have to start TPAPN.
  10. by   sissykim
    My suggestion to you is to get a job now. Hurry. After the you are reported the board may post an investigation sign over your liscence which employers check for verification. Run, go to the nursing home any where and tell them your situation. Look, the medical profession is the one profession with the highest propensity for addiction. Your next boss is sure to be a drunk, or a drinker, use some sort of drugs or have had some one in the family with such problems. Now go get work. Hopefully, you can maintain work through the process. If you wait future employers will assume you are untruste worthy and they have the right to assume just that.
  11. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from learninglessons12
    Sooooooo. Supervisor called and asked me to meet her. They told me that the drug test came back positive which is board reportable. Also stated that they had to terminate their relationship with me and since I had not worked there long enough, they would not offer me the chance to work there under TPAPN. Now I am just waiting to hear from the board and I guess from there, I will have to start TPAPN.
    Hey - sorry to hear about your situation. I was in a similar situation back in 1999, and I just felt helpless. Wanted to check on u, and see how u were doing. Any new ideas about what u want to do, ect?

    Anne, RNC
  12. by   KarmaWiseRaven
    Please don't take this to heart when i say this. Are you freaking crazy. You smoke pot and your a nurse? You know we are always under the scope. And family members can start crap if they don't get what they want or don't like you Been There Done That. The board might be nice might tell you to get cleaned up and suspend your lic. This is a wake up call for you i suggest you think really hard how bad do i want to be a nurse. I have had a few friends of mine and i have seen them go down in flames with a lost of lic and fines. In my state they tell us we can't even go to a bar in our scrubs because that can be subject to the BON to look in to you if your pulled over. Well i wish you all the luck i heard McDonald's is hiring oh wait you have to do a drug test there as well. In this day and age and how unemployment is going and how hard it is for nurses to find jobs now is not the time to be smoking pot and going to work with it in your system. Wow unbelievable.. These are my thoughts use them as you wish
  13. by   sissykim
    I am sorry again. Some of us are angles of mercy and some are jusy angels who never lie, cheat or steal. How did every thing go?
  14. by   oldERrn
    I had a problem with prescription drugs about 2 yrs ago. I went in for detox and while in the hospital asked every nurse I came into contact with about TPAPN and if I should self report. Well, many of the nurses didn't even know what TPAPN was. I did my own research when I got home and decided that it was too much for me to endure, I thought it to be too punitive. I had been on sleep medication and or benzos since that time with occasional pain meds. Needless to say, it escalated and finally affected my job performance and I too was asked to submit a UDS and I did refuse and quit my job! Not a very smart thing to do but a I acted out of fear. My employer notified TPAPN directly and I got started on it with in 3 weeks after the incident. Since my participation in TPAPN I learned that 3rd party reports are referred to the board but self reports are not reported to the board unless there is a noncompliance issue. If you havent gotten info from TPAPN yet I would recommend you do some research on it, maybe call TPAPN anonymously and try to get info out of them then make your decision. Do get a job ASAP as when you are enrolled in TPAPN you have to disclose your TPAPN paticipation in the interview and believe me it is VERY hard to get a job. I have been trying for 2 months with no luck.