Happy nurses week

  1. I know we all have fought very hard to remain a nurse... I just want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Nurses day/ week
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  3. by   DSkelton711
    Thank you and same to you! I am disabled now, but I will forever remain a nurse. My career had its ups and downs, and even sometimes I wish I had done something completely different. But still, I am proud to say I am a nurse. Happy Nurses week to all practicing and non-practicing nurses!!
  4. by   T-Bird78
    Right back at you! Now if my employer would recognize it. . .I've NEVER had an employer acknowledge Nurse's week.
  5. by   HunnieBadger
    Happy Nurses Week!! I have had some employers that were amazing and others not so much, either way we need to be amazing to others nurses and be supportive of each other!
  6. by   prettymica
    Thank you and the same to you
  7. by   Julius Seizure
    Happy nurses week

    My hospital decided to have a contest: all the nurses were given white paper cut outs in the shape of a nurses cap (two dimensional) and they told us to decorate them and Friday they are gonna pick a winner from each unit for the best decorated cap and they get a prize. Thanks for the arts and crafts, guys? I am inclined to decorate mine with pulse ox and somanetic sensors, and whatever other crazy expensive stuff that I can find in our stock room. And then steal the glitter from child life and give it a good sprinkling.

    I think I'll win.