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Hi, So, as of today, I have been sober for 7 months. I have been in my monitoring program 3 months (participation wise) and 1 month 2 weeks since I signed my recovery monitoring contract.... Read More

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    Six months left for me we can do this
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    Full speed ahead, Michelle! Get er' done! I can't believe I have actually been in 9 months, so has gone by fast.
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    I go before the board in July. I can't wait to get this all behind me but I'm still so scared. I too double check myself sometimes daily to make sure I've called in for drug screens. I've been calling in for a year & a half now so it's apart of my morning routine . I can't lie though I'll be so glad when it's all over.

    Good luck everyone :~)

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    50 months left (I am 1/6 of the way finished!) in HPMP and have 1 year 2 months sobriety.
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    Congrats Wish me luck! Keep up the good work! It goes by so fast . I always tell myself the phrase a wise person once told me. When we undertake a challenge in life however long and hard it may be don't be discourage by time. The time will pass regardless of how you spend it so it would be best to spend the time Productively and in your best interest . For at the end of that time You will be Thankful !
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    So far, it has gone faster than I thought. I keep busy though. Hopefully, things will continue to go well, I will find nursing work soon, and life will be amazing. But we will see. I do not want my life to go down the drain because of mental health issues and previous alcohol abuse.
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    Wish me luck , I think you will be fine as long as you take care of yourself first. Hopefully , a nursing position will open up for you soon and open up a whole new world for you. This too shall pass and you have a bright future ahead!
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    Would love some feed back from CA RN's. I go before the board this Thursday (13 June, 2013). My anxiety has been pretty level so far. However, getting a little nervous as this Thursday draws near. I would love to some feedback from anyone who has had a hearing before the board for reinstatement. I've attended board hearings, and have a good idea how they are conducted. But, I am not able to see the final outcome of these RN's.
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    I have 11 months in, 49 months left. 1 year 3 months sobriety. How about you, Michelle (and anyone else)?
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    Quote from wish_me_luck
    I have 11 months in, 49 months left. 1 year 3 months sobriety. How about you, Michelle (and anyone else)?
    4 months left...I've been in the program for one year and a month....clean for 24 months...lost my license 23 months ago.....regained a probationary license 7 months ago. yay us