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I am not really quite sure why I am writing this. I've wrote on here before right after this happened almost 4 years ago. Here I go... I went to a 4 year nursing school right out of high-school. Graduated with honors in 4... Read More

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    This thread is almost a year old and the OP hasn't been on since February.
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    I am in a similar situation situation. I am 4 years clean, have a good recovery program, and cannot get a job despite outstanding experience. I can't even get a job in a treatment program! Did you get your probation lifted? My contract lasts for 5, yes 5 years. I had no probation, no suspension, etc. I am still giving urines, if you can believe that! I don't know what it takes to convince them I'm clean and serious about recovery. 4 years of clean drug screens, going on 5! Where are you at in terms of employment? I would love to know. Personally, I'm getting ready to go to our state human rights commission. A. Terminated with a disability, b. hiring discrimination practices.
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    Five years is very usual. I don't know about other nursing specialties, but the five year mark is a dangerous one for us CRNA's. I see many nurses coming through a support group and none of them are jobless after 4 years. Did you ever have the opportunity to join an RN support group? That's where most of the nurses found their recovery friendly employers.
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    Just wanted to know if anything changed I'm in Louisiana and it's gonna be 2 years and I've had multiple interviews but know one to hire me b/c of probation status.
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    Quote from Heyshortyboo
    Just wanted to know if anything changed I'm in Louisiana and it's gonna be 2 years and I've had multiple interviews but know one to hire me b/c of probation status.
    Hi Shorty! Glad to meet another La nurse on the forum! I got put into our RNP in 1999 and had NO idea how hard it would be to find another nursing job after - it is SO hard to find someone to give u a chance.

    Anne, RNC
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    How about a class action suit? How is it that the Board can discriminate this way? They are a power out of control. I feel like civil rights are being violated.
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    Nurses need to unite against the board. The board is a power gone out of control. Civil rights are being violated. I am thinking a civil suit is in order for these cases. Anyone know an interested attorney?
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    Just wondering backtowork, where are you at in texas. I have warning w stips for nonpt care, nondrug related issue and cannot find any job in texas. Have followed your posts. So which facility are you at?
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    Your mother is simply a jerk. Leave her out of your life! All I can say is that I hope things are looking up for you now...
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    I have had a worse experience than that. I was bullied beyond belief. I have always enjoyed nursing until I was restructured yet once again....from a job I loved and made new friends. I was reported to the college of nurses for trumped up complaints from the worst place I ever worked. It was toxic and reminded me of lord of the flies. I couldn't afford a lawyer and you are guilty until proven innocent with the college. I developed alopecia, insomnia, depression, etc.... My life is basically over. Even though most people guess my age at 45, I'm 60 and I feel very much like Robin Williams probably did his last day of life.