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Hi! I've been in IPN for a year now. I had a dilute UDS my first month a year ago. yesterday, I had a UDS that came back abnormal...... WTH? I got off work and immediately went to the lab. I... Read More

  1. by   TXRNC
    Had an abnormal due to high creatine r/t mild dehydration they just picked me again fairly quick but never said anything about it to me.
  2. by   catmom1
    Wow this is giving me a "blast from the past." In 2006, I started my 5 years of probation. My very first UDS was slightly dilute and the Medical Records Officer called me to ask if I was taking Lasix or something else that would cause a dilute urine. I wasn't but had drunk a bottle of iced green tea on the way to the lab since it was a hot day. He said he wasn't worried about it and that if I had another specimen with that level of dilution again, he would just sign off on it without calling me or causing me an extra fee. He only called me because my paranoid Case Manager insisted that he do so. I had the ba--s to say to him: "So what you are telling me is that she (the CM) is not rational." LOL He had no response for that one.

    I had a hysterical meltdown after he called because I was unemployed at the time--I hadn't even gotten my first paying job as an RN to start working off the 5 years. The cost for a UDS was $77 plus about another $30 or so for the MRO review. Argh! I had no idea if my number for a UDS would come up daily or what. I remember that I left a voicemail for my sponsor at the time and when she called me back she said she couldn't even understand what I was saying I was blubbering so much.

    As it turned out finally, I had to endure 6 years of probation because I couldn't find a job after about 3 straight years or so of working as an RN. I kept thinking I was going to get a nursing job but ended up petitioning to get taken off and the board agreed.

    As for the bills for the UDS, it turned out that if I didn't pay it, the state did and then just "put it on my tab" so to speak. I had a few hundred dollars worth to pay off at the end. I wish I had known all this at the beginning but it is a pretty damn cold system that I am proud of myself for surviving while remaining clean, sober, and gamble free.

    My license became unrestricted in October 2012.

    Boy, virgojd, you took me back to a tough time in my life for sure. It will work out for you too if you keep clean. Thanks for posting your story!


  3. by   Junebug59
    WOW! thanks for sharing Catmom! what state were you in? fla has IPN and I have to pay 1000.00 for "investigative" fees before april of 2016. plus 40 dollars a month for our nursing support group, plus 84 dollars a month for UDS. I just started working a job a month ago in a LTC/Sub-acute rehab facility. I am not comfortable working here at all. my license is definitely in jeopardy. this place is so f'd up. it has mostly LPN's, (which there are some good ones out there) but the ones here, do not give a crap!!! the narc counts are wrong and I am so scared of getting in trouble because they play the ''blame game'' here. they would rather blame someone rather than fix the problem. anyway, I am hoping tomorrow my case manager will not give me any grief over an abnormal UDS which is nothing but dehydration. if they do, then I am ready to say f this..... I've had enough of this crap. between IPN and now this crappy ass job, I am under way too much stress.
  4. by   catmom1
    I am in Nebraska, where there is no alternative to discipline program and you can sink or swim based on your own guts, not based on any help you are given. When I have a decent nursing job again, I hope to help other nurses suffering under the system.

  5. by   SouthernPoint
    Virgojd. Has your CM even called you about the "Abnormal"? I know I replied a couple of comments ago, but after re-reading everything. I couldn't find that answer.

    I can tell you from experience. If there is a "Problem" your CM will be dialing your digits ASAP.

    Checking your results is going to do nothing but cause extra un-needed and un-wanted stress. Something someone in recovery doesn't need.

    Also, if you call and speak with the person handling your issues with the BON, they might be able to help you. Most nurses who have "Fees" with the FL BON have until their IPN contract is completed to pay back these "Fees". Maybe that will help with a little of the stress.

    But my point basically is. Unless your CM, the MRO or the person who is in charge of the UDS with IPN call you, I would not add extra tests to your budget.

    I do totally understand where you are coming from. I have had to deal with the who Creatine issue since I started with IPN. I finally got them to understand why i have the issues. Even with Doctor's notes and dictation it wasn't easy. So it was finally settled. I do my UDS and a Hair Sample 4 times a year when they ask me for it. I have not had any issues or problens since we came up with this agreement.

    Wishing You the best of luck.
  6. by   Junebug59
    I got a call this morning from IPN's UDS manager. NO WORRIES!!!! YAY. she stated it was exactly what I had known all along. dehydration. she stated when she gets these type abnormals, she doesn't have a problem. so relieved.....
  7. by   TXRN2
    so glad to hear, Virgo!!
  8. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from virgojd
    I got a call this morning from IPN's UDS manager. NO WORRIES!!!! YAY. she stated it was exactly what I had known all along. dehydration. she stated when she gets these type abnormals, she doesn't have a problem. so relieved.....
    Awesome news!!!

    Anne, RNC
  9. by   Junebug59
    sure is! thanks everyone!