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Just wanted to know how often you get selected for testing. I am really short on money and need to budget an amount for these random drug screens. Any info would be greatly appreciated!... Read More

  1. by   nowim clean
    Guess I'm weired but I go in and talk about anything fishing riding motorcycles, going to the beach football and it helps me. It is no different in my mind than hitting the bathroom full of drunks at a bar, or football game. I just do my business and get out.
  2. by   shhRN
    I am on the NCBON IP and am wondering if anyone knows what Option 1 and 4 are testing for...It seems option 1 tests for ethanol, is the the infamous ETG test?
  3. by   curiousrdh
    Not positive, but I believe that Option 1 is the full medical professional panel plus ethanol. You can go the Quest Diagnostics website or use Goole to look up what is included in the medical professional panel. There are 12 drug categories tested for in that. To my understanding, Option 1 does not include EtG testing. I think Option 2 is the EtG with creatinine test. This is based on my own personal research into what is being tested for, and not factual information. Quest nor the board will tell you what is included in the testing options. The old LabCorp COC's which were used until this past January had the test numbers beside the options, and you could look up what was being tested. Unforunately, that's not the case with Quest.

    I'm not sure what Option 4 is. I've only gotten Option 1 and Option 2 when I have been selected, and I've tested for several years. Think back to what you told the board were your drugs of choice, and that may be what Option 4 is testing for if it's not included in the basic 12 panel plus ethanol test (medical professional panel).
  4. by   irritated
    My thought exactly! I would never approach this without an attorney if I had it to do over. It is what I tell anyone who asks regarding this subject. I requested monitoring after a medical dx made it clear I would at some point not pass a ua. I have never had a problem and now all of a sudden they are riding me and wanting me to do all this "extra" education.
  5. by   bl lvn
    been in tpapn now for 17 and a half months ... not worrying bout being positive for anything been clean and sober.. but this just recently happened to me... 2 weeks ago i tested negative but my urine was dilute.. cause i naturally drink coffee and have a bowl of cereal in the morning at work plus water cause when i show up to the lab the lab techs expect you to be ready to pee for the urine collection.. this is my second dilute urine since ive been in the program.. my case manager sends me an email stating that if i have one more dilute urine it will be considered a positive.. i was like ***!! also she stated that i was required to see a renal specialist for a renal eval and she expected the results in 2 weeks... FML!!! after i have been complying with this program.. they expect me to jump through more hoops!!! so now i stopped drinking coffee and now limiting my water intake on test days.. saw my doctor and had labs drawn last friday(8-12). saw her again this past friday(8-19) they faxed the results to my case manager..dont know why she needs my lab but ok..find out what happens this monday im sure everything will be alright.. but damn i would hate to get dismissed cause of drinking too much water.. frrrreakin ridiculous... if ANYBODY out there .has gone through this ... reply or PM me...
  6. by   TXRN2
    i too have had a dilute urine- & initially made me feel almost as bad as a positive test . so after that i made sure that after coffee in the a.m., i had no more caffeine & had a good meal before testing, with only non-caffeinated drink. pain in the keester, but it's what i have to do. the labs they wanted were to prove that your kidneys work okay, & the dilute was not a result of a kidney problem. best of luck! & congrats on almost being through with the program!!
  7. by   bluemoon&butterly
    8505U of Fortes Labs?

  8. by   bl lvn
    @TXRN2.... i understand.. so the doctors office faxed over the labs.. my case manager receives them and now is requesting a summary of the results. so i call my doctor and he states this sounds like a legal matter so he wants my case manger to fax over an official request from tpapn stating why they need a summary of my recent lab work..so i tell my case manger and she states that she cant do that,... so im like what am i supposed to do?! spend more money to see my doctor again and ask them to interpret my labs in writing?! i just want to get through this without pulling out all my hair!! my case manager emailed me my dilute urine specimen reults so i could show my doctor.. dont know what good that would do..i guess the only good thing bout this dilemma is that my case manger does not suspect that im using. which im proud to say im not.today i am 18 months clean and sober. i have come too far to throw my career away..i understand she has to follow rules n what not.. i just want to get through this!!! ..
  9. by   TXRN2
    congratulations on your 18 months!!! that is the most important thing here! when i started TPAPN, i had to see my primary & had to have her sign a consent to communicate with TPAPN. wouldn't that cover this issue with your doctor? sounds like he doesn't have a very good understanding of what is going on here. he should just fax them the results as asked, the consent covers any legal issue- the bigger issue is maintaining your license. best of luck! keep us posted.
  10. by   luvche
    I used to never have to worry about dilutes. I could pee no matter what. Now, I am nursing a newborn. I don't hydrate as I should, so I only pee once or twice a day....the rest is keeping my milk supply up for my baby. SO, when I DO drink enough water to keep my supply up AND be able to pee.....it is VERY pale. I have been so afraid of getting dilutes. But, like I said, with breastfeeding taking up all my extra fluids...in order to be able to pee on a day I am called (since I usually only have to go in the morning and evening) I have to drink so much it turns the urine pale. Grrrr. No: A doctor saying I have to drink that much water is NOT considered sufficient. Yes, we have determined nothing is wrong with my kidneys that is causing me to only urinate once or twice a day. It's just all going to my child. I stress every time I get selected now, and am so glad I only have a couple months left. Because supplementing with formula or giving up breastfeeding totally is NOT an option for me, just because It keeps me from peeing normally. Nope. Just stressful
  11. by   cosmicseeker
    Im a nurse in NC with a DWI. I'm yet to be convicted. Anybody know the difference between the IP program and the AP program, and any idea which I will have to do, if any? I will get a lawyer soon, but am very confused by the NCBON website and program stipulations. thanks
  12. by   ontheupside
    Hi, cosmicseeker,

    NEVER go to the board without an attorney ESPECIALLY in NORTH CAROLINA with the NCBON, NEVER!!!!! see Jack Stem website!!!
  13. by   recovering nurse
    Quote from cosmicseeker
    Im a nurse in NC with a DWI. I'm yet to be convicted. Anybody know the difference between the IP program and the AP program, and any idea which I will have to do, if any? I will get a lawyer soon, but am very confused by the NCBON website and program stipulations. thanks
    The AP is a non published, non discipline program. The IP is the Illicit Drug Program. I am in the CDDP and the restrictions/requirements are the same. Go here for the jist of what's required for both the AP and the CDDP.... http://ncbon.com/content.aspx?id=952