STATE BOARD OF NEW YORK Re: How to start the licensure application? - page 8

Hi Nurses! I need help... I am a licensed Nurse in the Philippines. I am applying for the state board of New york for my Nclex. I need to know the requirements. and also, i would like to make... Read More

  1. by   itssunset
    @Miru: Thanks! alot
  2. by   Miru
    Good Luck~
  3. by   ricreds20012001
    hello guys!!!
    is it really needed to be an RN in the philippines in applying NYS nclex??i was worried i was not having a chance to take RN there,i graduated last year April,and was rejected also my application inCALI bon,waste of time and money...
    help me guys if is it really needed the RN.
    i appreciate your help guys
    thanks a lot!!
  4. by   zerooooo
    no you don't have to be a license holder in the Philippines to apply in NYS