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  1. CCRN Barrons book

    This has been bothering me since I started studying for the CCRN. It says in the paragraph that table 4-1 shows which leads are associated with wall of the heart but clearly it’s not. Is this just my book?
  2. Procedures to brush up on

    thank you! now back to studying.
  3. Procedures to brush up on

    Will be starting my first job on a Med-Surg floor. What procedures/skills should I brush up on? Thank You!
  4. Procedures to brush up on: Med-Surg

    Will be starting my first job on a Med-Surg floor. What procedures/skills should I brush up on? Thank You!
  5. Resume Advice. New RN. No work experience. Please Help!

    Thank You Bayat!. That looks so much better. I'm sorry I forgot to include that I'm a foreign graduate and I obtained my BSN in the Philippines. I only had clinicals there. I hope this is going make sense. I'll try to get back with the hours for the...
  6. Please critique my resume. I tried to incorporate what I have seen on this forum. For my clinical experience I didn't put med-surg the reason being there would be too many hospitals to list and I have done procedures that I did in med-surg in the ER....
  7. Reference

    is it ok to use my professors/clinical instructors as reference? i am worried employers would have a hard time contacting them sine they are in the Philippines
  8. Are You An Innie or An Outie? Personality Testing And You

  9. CVS online application without local license

    Yes, the online process was pretty smooth. It took me a few days to complete because i also had questions similar to yours. Before you reach the end of the online application process it will ask you to print some documents which you will have to sign...
  10. CVS online application without local license

    This is what i was told when i called CGFNS - United States - current state so i entered NY - Registered Nurse but i believe i selected unknown - 0 for years i also had the same questions when i was doing my application. if you need help just send me...
  11. I am still considered as a "New Graduate"?

  12. Am i still considered as a "new graduate". i'm a foreign graduate. graduated last April 2012 and recently passed the NCLEX
  13. Just took Nclex

    thank you!. i recommend hurst for content, PDA by LaCharity for prior questions, and NCSBN for questions. you can also download apps for your phone like the kaplan qbank for when you're on the go. i'll post on how i studied and the materials i used s...
  14. Just took Nclex

    @beelady and lemuel thank you guys!
  15. Pearson Quick Result on Weekends 2013

    i read that the system is automated so weekends/holidays make no difference