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Hi Nurses! I need help... I am a licensed Nurse in the Philippines. I am applying for the state board of New york for my Nclex. I need to know the requirements. and also, i would like to make sure if all applicant that... Read More

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    I'm also applying for the licensure of NY and having the same question....

    But I just answered "NO" to that question on Form 1. Casue I'm a non-US educated applicant and I didn't need to take the SBPT nor the NCLEX examination in order to get my license. No such information about the exam results can be provided by my licensing authority. So I didn't complete the Form 3.

    I think it's alright, cause CGFNS will forward the verification of licensure to them later.
    ( I just guess, but many people say only Form 1 is needed for the foreign student.)

    I'm submitting the Form 1 and CVS application forms at the same time as instructed by CGFNS. So I already finished that course and certificate will be sent to NYSED electronically. I think you can take it anytime just before you filling out Form 1, cause you have to answer the question no.24 on Form 1.

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    @Miru: Thanks! alot
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    Good Luck~
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    hello guys!!!
    is it really needed to be an RN in the philippines in applying NYS nclex??i was worried i was not having a chance to take RN there,i graduated last year April,and was rejected also my application inCALI bon,waste of time and money...
    help me guys if is it really needed the RN.
    i appreciate your help guys
    thanks a lot!!
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    no you don't have to be a license holder in the Philippines to apply in NYS

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