Philippine Graduate; Ineligible for Ca NCLEX-RN-- Other options?? - page 4

Hey Everyone! Along with many other foreign-graduated nurses, I was deemed ineligible to take the NCLEX exam for the state of california :( You could only imagine my disappointment and frustration after i opened that letter.... Read More

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    would the ca BRN transfer these record of nursing program and record of nursing experience to bvnpt or would i need to request this again from my school in the philippines?

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    belagee12 any update on your application?
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    What school u from
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    @dragonlady your response to @belagee12 is very informative. simple and concrete. you pretty much answered all the queries in my head, how to do a transfer of requiremsnts from ca nclex-rn to ca nclex-pn. except, how do you do a 'request' to rn board of nursing for transfer documents? did you just simply emailed them, or filled up a form prior to filling up the declaration form which they sent you?

    hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

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