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  1. abbyrenalRN

    RN from PH LVN route question

    Hello there! I am a PH graduate applying for NCLEX-RN here in CA... with the well-known concurrency issue I am now considering LVN-route... I have read a post which says if you go on LVN-route you go directly to LVN-RN bridge program to be an RN??? Please enlighten me.. If I will receive an update from CA-BON that I have to take for example OB class, can I take that OB class even I am an LVN?? given my degree and credentials (hoping its valid), I thought I can take the class then apply for NCLEX-RN again... or I really need to go to LVN-RN bridge program to be an RN, making the deficiency irrelevant??? If I choose the LVN route?? Im so confused... My plan is to be a LVN while I study my deficiency class... Please help me decide and acquire additional information to better prepare... thanks
  2. abbyrenalRN

    FA for Davita..need tips

    I am an experienced hemodialysis nurse of 4 years. With managerial role and Masteral Units... However i had my experience in the Philippines.. I know there are cultural differences to consider and language barrier but I am also considering my experience with regards to patient care, delegation, and problem solving... another problem is im not yet USRN but im working on it although everybody is aware of the concurrency issues here are my questions: 1. Given the situation im not USRN but is well experienced and BSN degree holder with masteral units, what do you think is the end result of my application? 2. Tips from FA of Davita: Pros and COns 3. Interview tips? im done with online assessment exam and waiting for the next step
  3. abbyrenalRN

    BSN with Masters. How far can it go?

    A nurse who finished BSN and Masteral of Arts in Nursing major in Medical Surgical. What do you think is the future in nursing career? Suggestions, comments, pros and cons will be appreciated Godbless :)
  4. Mabuhay! Im studying masteral of arts in nursing and my LAST requirement is to finish a Thesis in line with nursing Criteria: 1. must be quasi-experimental 2. use behavioral or cognitive interventions (ex. Music therapy, patient education therapy, video-games as divertion activity.....) 3. must be a nurse-independent intervention (yoga therapy or massage therapy are not advised since i need to finish training on those to be allowed to conduct the study) im a hemodialysis nurse and i would like to focus my study on their needs which are ways to: *decrease pain on venipuncture *improve quality of life *health education on disease process *intervention that can be done on intradialysis period If you have suggestions i would appreciate it. i will post updates about my study :) Godbless you all
  5. abbyrenalRN

    Be a renal nurse and not work a day in your life

    ....TRUE!! and the magic of a hypotensive unresponsive patient like going on a shock goes right back after blood return like "WHAT THE "H" HAPPEND? LOL

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