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    Anybody for September INHA melbourne campus intake?

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    Quote from teabag24
    yes i have already passed the ielts. im a bit confused with some of the questions on the form like "what is your residential address?" -- your address here in pi. and "is your residential address the same as your principal place of practice in australia?"-- the answer is no. as to my case i placed the state/teritory where i lodged my application. - i guess they were assuming that im currently at oz, so should i leave this blank or provide my address here in the phil.

    thankyou danceinstructor.
    good luck!
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    Quote from teabag24
    thankyou so much chelseaxyrene..

    im a bit confused though with the type of visa to apply for.. some say its best to take the business short-stay visa.. but its only valid for 3months, but then the BP is 12-13weeks which is morethan 3 months. So the business short-stay visa isnt enough. or if i finish the BP in 12 weeks id still be forced to fly back to Phil bec. business shortstay visa is over.. please enlighten me.. thankyou.
    Take things one step at a time. Do not think of the type of visa you wish to apply if you haven't got any school yet, and of course your eCOE. Your visa will depend on which school you will take your BP.
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    hi guys! for those going to ETEA how much was your coverage for the OHSC insurance? TIA!
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    Quote from patringrn
    Anybody for September INHA melbourne campus intake?
    Do you have your visa already? I thought you are bound for August Intake for IHNA? what happened? Have you sorted out things regarding your visa? thanks...
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    At last, I've finished reading the previous thread (Part 2) which preceded this one. Hope everything goes well!

    I wonder how @cioman94, @miks, @glioblastoma, @ceridwenRN, @joiemike, et al. are doing.
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    Still can't send PMs *sighs*
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    thanks danceinstructor.. anybody got a list for schools that offer BP?? id rather have it in brisbane or sydney.. Got relatives there.. thanks..
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    hi @teabag24! we are on the same boat. i also just downloaded the application from ahpra. i am really confused of the next step to take. i have busied myself with reading all the threads about this. all the information is starting to give me a headache. I don't know where to start! I also hope more posts will come containing updated step-by-step process.

    Go on with your plan of personally applying for it. i have read in some threads here that as much as possible, we must eliminate the middlemen. such may increase the already big expenses for the process. also, is very possible for us to fill-up the forms ourselves.

    I am Filipino too! I recently graduated. i hope to work in Australia since it is my dream country. In fact, it may seen quite ambitious but i want to be able to go there as soon as possible. lol!
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    Quote from mindful1
    At last, I've finished reading the previous thread (Part 2) which preceded this one. Hope everything goes well!

    I wonder how @cioman94, @miks, @glioblastoma, @ceridwenRN, @joiemike, et al. are doing.

    I wonder so too! They were very helpful to all the nurses hoping to work in Australia. I hope they visit this thread again and help the newbies like me.

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