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  1. hi! have you considered taking OET instead of IELTS. i know somebody who had the same problem as yours. failed IELTS 3x in Australia. she took OET and passed it on 1 take. apparently OET is easier but more expensive than IELTS.
  2. i think you can write both :) start with the most recent which is the PRC board exam then your BSN.
  3. hi joe dont include nclex anymore coz they'll ask you to send a certificate of good standing from BON Vermont which would be another hassle for you.
  4. there is one doctor who's clinic is in Heidelberg near ETEA office and when i also went in Au I lack the flu vaccine so I had to do it here. I certainly think you can do some of the vaccines here as long as you do them before your clinical placement starts. :)
  5. i have 1 yr ED and 2 yrs medical imaging in makati med :)
  6. Hi guys! Its been a long time since I last posted here. I graduated from ETEA last Dec 2012. I've read one post saying that ETEA is not the ideal school to take your BP. Well, it is partly true. Hahaha! If only I could turn back time, I'd rather go for IHNA or ACFE. ETEA does accept a number of students which they can't really handle. In my opinion, that's the reason why ETEA students got problems with their registration. Students from IHNA or ACFE would get their registration after 2-3 weeks only unlike with those from ETEA they would wait for 2 mos or more. I learned from one of my indian classmates that his friend has been waiting for 6-8 mos already after graduating and still no registration. This is of course making me nervous but all I can do is pray. Regarding the demand for nurses in Australia, there are still a lot of jobs but there are a few who are offering sponsorship. During my clinical placement in NSW, I was already applying jobs online. Royal Prince Alfred hospital invited me for an interview. I was having my duty that time so we just arranged a phone interview. I still didn't have my registration because that was I think my 2nd week of clinical placement. So the hospital told me that of course we wouldn't be able to process the sponsorship because they need my registration. They just told me to contact them once I receive my license. Now for those who are planning to go to Australia my first advice is to not make Australia as an "escape" country. Coz some, I think... want to go there because they couldn't get a hospital experience in Phils. It is still a must for you to get at least 3 years exp in your specialty to make yourself competent and to stand out among other applicants. Australia is a beautiful country and it is still a wise decision for nurses to go and get more experience there. However, I would discourage others who are planning to loan or sell their family's properties just to be able to move there. Some consultancies are giving false hopes coz its still just all about their business. Nurses who are very much in demand are those who have O.R (Theatre), Mental, Aged Care specialties. So for those who have at least 4-5 yrs exp in those areas, don't worry you will definitely have a good future in Australia. :)
  7. thats expensive. its like 250 per week? you can find 150 or 200 per week with food already.
  8. i hope you dont mind me asking, what was your nursing school? are you a 2nd courser? if yes what was your first course?
  9. I did all my serologies at Makati Med.
  10. hi raprap. are you going to ETEA? i am on my 4th week of the IRON Program here in melbourne. etea is pretty specific regarding immunisations. even if you already had your chickenpox before you have to get a serology for that. also with MMR. :)
  11. if you did well in the exams and placement, ETEA will assess you and they will be the ones who will decide if you are qualified for the early exit :)
  12. yep just started today. then next week we don't have any classes. weird. for etea there's a chance for a 9-week early exit. 3 weeks lecture 5 weeks placement then 1 week last lecture. but if you dont qualify for the early exit you have to stay for another week or so. :)