Meeting AHPRA requirements as a International Trained Nurse from the Philippines

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Ahmmmm... 1 stat dec for each documents?


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Hello friends, I have recently received a mail from my RO that, My COGS send from the Saudi Council Dammam was not accepted because it was send from third party. Actually it was send directly from the SCHS office in Dammam. Anybody has faced the same issue please share your experience and request your guidance.

Thank you

Hi, where you able to arrange the COGS directly from SCHS to Ahpra. Do you have any idea how to be able to send the cogs directly from saudi council to ahpra


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On 7/27/2018 at 2:06 PM, Sunev said:

A good day!

Maam, I would like to know how what did you do with your COE in Oman and from where did you get the good standing certificate? I have worked there before and now I'm gathering the requirements needed. I tried to search online but I just couldn't find any answer from the MOH website.

Thanks a lot. I hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Sunev

you should’ve taken all your papers prior exiting to Oman. If you have any friends there, you could ask them to go to MOH to ask for CoGS. But please send with tem your authorization letter.


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Hello guys. I’m a newbie here. Could you please advise if anyone has an idea about the new pathway for registration. I just recently received my letter from ahpra recommending me to take the BP. Is there anyone of you here enrolled for the course for September 2019 intake in ACN? Please do let me know. Thank you

If you have not registered yet, I urge you to not do so!! The programs at ICHS are chaotic and unorganized. Professors are switched continuously sometimes in the middle of the courses. The work is just busy work. The tuition is expensive and the prices change from student to student in extremes of 40,000-10,000 for the ADN program.

****** *****, the owner, is a volatile human being and reminds me of a loan shark. She and her family that work their are only in it for $$$$$$ and do not care about students and education. It is all a fake enterprise. Run the other direction as fast as you can.

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