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I am a Filipino Nurse and tried to apply for NCLEX PN because i could not sit for NCLEX RN due to the concurrency issue. After long months of waiting. I have received a letter from BVNPT that i... Read More

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    Quote from becariv
    Hi @osis! Did you start with CGFNS evaluating your credentials first before applying to the Board? I noticed in the application process that you need to submit records of nursing program, license, and employment hx along with the formal application form. But isn't that what's the CGFNS is for? Thanks!
    Actually when I applied to the BVNPT I didn't know about the CGFNS-CES evaluation I received a letter form the boards that I needed one so I was able to do it after initial submission to BVNPT.

    If you are doing method 3 you don't need to submit an employment history, just your school documents both to the boards and CGFNS. No need for license submission to the boards just the CGFNS.

  2. by   Samantha O5
    Hi guys. Is it advisable to apply a job while reviewing? Thank you.
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    Hi Guys, just an update with my PN application, I received a letter from BVNPT last Nov 2017 stating that they got my CGFNS-CES Evaluation, but there's one last problem, my school didn't stated that my Pharmacology was integrated with my major subject. So they now need a certified letter explaining why my school had a credits in the BVNPT form and yet I don't have details from CGFNS evaluation. it only takes 2 weeks to process my school the requirements that the board need. I was waiting for another requirements by the boards which is the list of institution you've been for my internship. This January 4, 2018, I received a letter from the board, I was really nervous because its another requirements, and I really losing hope about this, finally when I opened the mail piece, they told me that I am now eligible to take the NCLEX PN and they giving me till June to register. I am now started to refresh my nursing which is got dulled for long years. To those who like to continue pursuing their nursing career, please don't give up just because they don't have a NLE exam from their home Country or the board are not allowing to take the exam for some reason. I waited for 3 years to Board to find me eligible to sit in NCLEX PN exam.
  5. by   osis
    Goodluck on the exam!