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  1. osis

    Easiest state to apply for IEN's

    I am thinking of applying to other state but from what I read when you endorsed the license to CA they will again ask you for the clinical cases .
  2. osis


    2 days a week for 24 months?? Cause I'm thinking of applying with them and at the same time I still want to continue working. Is this possible??
  3. osis


    Thanks for the quick reply, i’m interested with the LVN TO RN for now , will that take 24 months too?? Thanks again
  4. osis


    How often do you have to be at school and how long is the program?
  5. I'm a foreign educated nurse from the Philippines and I'm just wondering which state is easiest/ fastest in terms of RN application for IEN's. I live in CA and working as an LVN now. I tried applying for CA-BON and they requested copies of my clinical cases and I can't provide them so I'm kind of stuck with the application. So I am looking for other options to get my RN license, either by moving to other state or taking an LVN-RN bridge program. Any advice???
  6. hey guys, I'm on the same boat. Recently applied to CA-BRN but I can provide copies of my cases so I'm stuck with the application. Im on the point of considering applying to other states or just taking an LVN-RN bridge program. Any update on your status??
  7. I would only assume that this is not in CA, cause CGFNS is not a requirement for CA BRN.
  8. I’m an IEN with BSN degree from PH, for some reason I am unable to provide all documents required by CA-BRN for RN licensure so I’m looking for other ways to get my RN license. I am interested with the LVN 30 units option, so I am wondering if I do that program , will my BSN degree from PH be transferred here in CA?? Is this LVN 30 units option advisable?? Pls advice! Thanks
  9. osis

    PH-RN doing LVN-bridge Program?

    Yep I did that when I applied to NCLEX-PN. Do RN’s with 30 unit option have a hard time finding jobs??
  10. osis

    LVN 30 unit option/ Concurrency issue

    Hey , have you talked to any school yet?? Did you also graduate from PH?
  11. Hi, Any foreign educated RN’s here who took the LVN-RN bridge program? I was a BSN grad from the Philippines I was just informed by one of the school that since I am an IEN traditional LVN-RN program doesn’t apply to me but I can do the LVN 30 unit option. any thoughts on this?? Any advice is appreciated thanks
  12. Any update on this please?
  13. osis

    RN license endorsement to CA

    Oh great! It is hard to get a job with the VA for newly licensed RN’s?? With no experience. But i do work as an LVN now.
  14. osis

    RN license endorsement to CA

    Hi, I read somewhere that if you are working for Veterans affair or federal prison in other state, you don’t need to endorse your RN license anymore if you want to move to CA?? Is this true???Pls help!! I am a foreign educated nurse, for some reasons I can’t provide all documents needed by CA-BRN so I applied for NCLEX-RN in Nevada. I recently just got my RN license in Nevada and wanted to work in CA. Endorsing my license to CA won’t be possible since they will ask again documents that I can’t produce. So I am curious if I get aN RN job at VA or federal prison, do I still need to endorse my license???
  15. osis

    Lost clinical case

    Updates on this please