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Hi. I applied for the CVS program of CGFNS which is a requirement to be licensed in New York. Well, everything was going well in the beginning. CGFNS and my school's transaction went well. GGFNS... Read More

  1. by   froliveria
    i need
  2. by   achurupinti
    Ready for review..... last 2moths advice.
  3. by   alanlasrado
    Heyy! Too late to start this thread all over again but may I ask you a few questions please? My status for CVS now says 'waiting for final review' but not until I read this thread did I know that I also had to apply to the NYSED. I looked up the sites and I'm confused so as to which application form I have to submit. Is it 'Application for licensure- nurse form 1'?
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Yes form 1 is what you complete and send to the BON
  5. by   alanlasrado
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Yes form 1 is what you complete and send to the BON
    And how does one receive a notification after the NY BON has approved your credentials post CGFNS? Like CGFNS gives access to one's own account so I could tell of the progress.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    It has been several years since I went through the process with NY but I got notification to register with NY BON. You can also email them
  7. by   wanderct
    Hi Dzidzorm - I saw your that you had issue with CGFNS about missing a birthdate and valid signature. How did you rectify this situation? Was there a specific form that had to be submitted? You can email me at shopcharchar at Thanks! I'd greatly appreciate any advice!