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  1. For anyone considering Capella for an MSN...

    I'm surprised how easy it is to complete an MSN with perfect grades at Capella. Have you felt that your MSN actually prepares you to work in whatever setting you chose?
  2. Traumatized by lateral abuse

    I was traumatized last year by the abusive behavior of nurses and nursing assistants. The memories of this trauma keep haunting me to this day, and it is affecting my confidence in my new job. I'm a hardworking nurse. I go to work expecting to w...
  3. Finnish/EU Nursing Grad to US Licensure

    Thanks! I didn't have any issues with those hours. From what I know, in the UK you specialize early on but in Finland we have general degrees, so this difference plays a role.
  4. Dutch RN to California

    Hi nickyjoy, I'm a Finnish RN with a Finnish BSN and my degree is more than equivalent to a US degree. I think HBO refers to a university of applied sciences (UAS), and this is the same in Finland with regards to nursing degrees. To get a license in ...
  5. Finnish/EU Nursing Grad to US Licensure

    I'm a Finnish RN with a Finnish BSN and I applied with the Colorado BON. I don't think I needed the work experience for licensure but I'm with a recruitment company that wanted me to have at least 1 year of experience at the beginning of my process. ...
  6. Degree recognition

    Hey Scalzu87, What kind of problems is your school having with the forms? The breakdown of hours? I'm from Europe as well and I had some issues with counting the hours in my degree. I basically did the hard work and sent the form to my school for app...
  7. I was told that you should have a minimum of 40 h in theoretical instruction and 80 h in clinical practice in each specialty. You can't mix the two to make sure you have enough hours. You should have your BSN evaluated as such. I had my degree dipl...
  8. German nurses in the US

    I actually didn't have a very detailed transcript but that was fine. My degree included integrated courses and the transcript lists them this way instead of "Biology 101", for example. The point where I can relate to your case is the fact that I basi...
  9. English exam...please help

    I looked up the equivalent score for the IELTS, which is what I took, and I don't think 83 (6.5 in the IELTS) is too difficult. I didn't really prepare for the exam, and in TOEFL terms, I got a score in the 110s. I've studied and used English for 20 ...
  10. German RN - Question regarding transcripts

    I realize this is late for Dave and his wife but maybe you can benefit from this schwester23. Credentials evaluation depends on the state of your choice but my experience with Colorado board of nursing was that I had submit my official documents to t...
  11. CES report

    People have very different experiences with the CGFNS but I think they mention up to 10 weeks on their website. Personally, I received the report in 6 weeks after "ready for review" status. I think your report can be issued any day now.
  12. License verification for visascreen

    If a CGFNS representative doesn't know license verification through Nursys is acceptable, there's a certain person you need to ask for. It's just that writing a name here will get censored due to protection of privacy. I'd advise you to ask to speak ...
  13. German nurses in the US

    Is there anything I can help you with as a European RN? I'll ask my German colleague later if she's willing to go over these things with you.
  14. German nurses in the US

    I thought any document that is created, signed and stamped by your nursing school is an original document. It just sounds absurd for them to deny a translation based on that argument.
  15. Got the license what is the next step

    To mention a few companies, so you can get to a reliable start in your search for the best fit for you: - Avant Healthcare Professionals - O'Grady Peyton International - PassportUSA - Interstaff, Inc.