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CA BRN new requirements for NCLEX RN international students - page 14

I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

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    I know someone who got her eligibility last year december without requiring her to submit any additional requirements including the clinical cases, rotation schedule, etc. Very confusing.
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    Guys, how's your application for LVN?
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    Hey guys! Is somebody here a nclex passer already and want to endorse his license to ca? thanks
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    @ retetestis hows it goin? mine not done yet, probably tomorrow ill send it to the boards , but i was wondering about the POSTCARD 55A-7, is it necessary to have this send along with our application?...
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    kabayan you dont need to, if you download the application online,no need to submit the postcard.But if the board sent you an application packet,then you send a postcard together with your application.
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    [font=times]oh yeah?thats great then, i thought i have to send it, hows your paper kabayan? hop it goes fine, mine gonna send it tomorrow, just received my tor and record of nursing program from my school today. ...kabayan do you think after they evaluate my application they gonna ask for the "inch thick school curriculum record" like we did when we initially applied the brn before?..
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    I'm wondering if we can send the nursing program copy from the BRN to BVNPT instead of the nursing program copy found in the BVNPT instructions page 8 and 9.

    @mjhay I'm still waiting for the nursing program from our school. Hope bvnpt won't require us new requirement too.
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    @ retetestis i was thinking that also, cause my analyst just did reply on my email last time stating that "If you would like a copy of your school records sent to the LVN Board, please send me a written request by mail with your signature. ", and i was planning to do that too, at the same time i'll send the TOR and nursing program from my school to the BVN... i don't know if it'll works though, am afraid it'll messed up if i gonna used them both....
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    Ask your analyst from the BRN or send them a request letter with a $30 fee money order or check to transfer a copy of your documents to the BVNPT,and i think you dont need to submit your transcript and the record of nursing program.That's what my friend told me b/c she did the same thing when she was applying for LVN.
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    kabayan hows your friend application process?did he/she got the eligibility already?..and i was wondering if how u will know that your school record was already received by the BVN?..
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    She already got her license.They'll send you a letter if they need more documents.
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    wow, congrats to her, thank you kabayan..GODBLESS
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    Hello everyone! I've read all the comments and it looks like we all have the same problem about the concurrency issue. So now I'm really confused of what to do next because my whole life depends on the next action I will take. Should I apply out of state? should I go back to school? should i apply for LVN? geeez! This is really frustrating!! I'm just wondering is there anyone in here who has an idea of how long will it take if ever i complete the nursing program they were asking? also to those people who chose LVN as their alternative, how is it going so far?