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Hi all. I am a FNP student in Colorado. They are changing the law in CO for ANP for prescriptive authority for new NP or if you transfer to CO for practice. On or about July 2010, all applicants for ANP who wish to... Read More

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    Quote from nursetim
    In New Mexico, as I understand it, once I received my CNP license I am allowed to prescribe any drug or DME except CS. I applied to the board of Pharmacy for a cs license, once they issue I have to apply for and be approved if not have the dea number to the tune of $550 for 3 yrs. After that it is soup to nuts.

    My quandary is how do I get a prescription pad for the small business I am going to start?
    I'm in NM and prescribe Schedule 2-5

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    Quote from piakei
    Hi, I just have a quick question. I just posted my question on this website, but what would you have to do in michigan after applying for DEA license? I just applied for my DEA license as a NP and people say I need to fax a copy of my license/certification and a copy of prescriptive authority or letter with my supervising physician's signature. My classmates' companies did all this work for them and I'm going though this all by myself. Will you please tell me what I need to do to be able to prescribe the schedule II meds and the letter thing?
    Yes, you do have to show proof of state NP certification, a collaborative agreement with a physician, and a check in the payment amount prior to receiving a DEA certificate in Michigan. I've worked in 2 different hospital systems in Michigan, one did all the paperwork for me the other one issued me a check but made me do all the legwork in getting the application together.

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