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Smitty08 has 20 years experience and specializes in Psychiatry (PMHNP), Family (FNP).

have worked in Psych.for many moons, was a male in nursing at a time it was not yet cool. followed by mother into nursing, never regretted it! What a great adventure!

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  1. Norwalk community college nursing program 2013

    I went to NNC for nursing back in the Stone Age, I graduated in '84. It was the best thing I could have ever done. I'm still working in Nursing as a Psych NP and this year completing my Doctorate (DNP). The whole program at NCC cost me $2000. - how...
  2. Hi- The DNP is a relatively new degree, so the DNP prepared psych. nurse will, at this time, be working more typically in an APRN role. This will continue to evolve and there may be a distinct role for the DNP in the future. The DNP has been very c...
  3. Motivational Message

    Sounds like a nice idea, would this just be from you or from the other staff too? Be a little careful with that, some patients might misunderstand. It might be better if it were "from the Staff" - just a thought. As to the message, heartfelt, seaso...
  4. First job in Psych nursing

    Sounds like you are a natural for psych. given what you said. Your original post mentioned a first job at a rehab/addictions type place. I agree "any job is a good job" but know going in that in that kind of setting you might get discouraged by see...
  5. Should I be concerned?

    I agree don't sweat it. Some of those questions on therapeutic communication are among the hardest. Try to find a really good review book and blast away at the questions and be sure to read the rationales for the answer. If psych. is what you like...
  6. First Psych Clinical

    Also, when I had my students in psych. I always advised them to quickly find out where all the games and art supplies are kept. Games are great ice breakers, even just a deck of cards. Also, as noted above, you WILL say the wrong things sometimes ...
  7. Are there no on campus DNP programs?

    University of Connecticut is once a month classroom and most of the rest online.
  8. Why are we as Psych nurses seen as bottom of the barrel?

    I agree. We are the bees knees. I've helped so many people. How many people can say that? I can appreciate how tough it can be to be in a difficult inpatient setting in psych - been there and done that! Even that was a great learning experience. ...
  9. I want to be a Psych NP- Advice please!

    Psych. nursing experience is INVALUABLE both in deciding if this path is right for you and also to build a knowledge base that will serve you well as an NP in psych. The more experience in different psych. settings, the better. I think that is the v...
  10. Job Interview - Psychiatric Unit

    For example: "What would you do if you noticed a patient beginning to escalate on the unit?" Questions like that show you can think on your feet, a skill you will use everyday in psych. Good luck?
  11. HI I did pursue dually boarding FNP/then PMHNP. It was a really good way for me to go. I completed the FNP first, then did the psych. It involved 6 clinical placements, which was a lot of time. Now I work primarily in psych., its easier to keep u...
  12. Pharmacology for Bipolar Dxo

    Agree with above posters. Often adding an anti-depressant can activate (encourage hypomania/mania) in someone with bipolar. Others with bipolar seem to need an anti-depressant, but I am not 100% convinced this is wise. I just love it when I can st...
  13. Any happy psych nurses?

    I was always very happy being a psych. nurse. Never really minded going to work. I felt I could really help people, and I did on a daily basis. Now that I am a PMHNP and completing a DNP, I still love all of it, its just that the role and responsi...
  14. What do Mental Health NP's do?

    I agree with the above 2 posters. There are many different practice sites and philosophies of treatment. I typically do a great deal of medication management ("Throwing meds - NOT!") In fact I would go so far to say I have saved lives by careful m...
  15. Psych Nursing vs. Occupational Therapy

    I loved being a psych. RN, and love being a psych. NP just as much or more. OT and Psych RN or NP are two very different things, I think you have to focus on what is right for your temperament. You may have more options as a psych. NP. For example...