Today I passed AANP FNP boards!!!

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    It still hasn't sunk in!!
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    Congratulations, mine are tomorrow. Any tips?
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    Thanks!Ice 2015 APEA CDs and Fitzgerald book were helpful. Try to relax the day of and not look over too much info.
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    Thanks TraumaRUS! I consider you a veteran on here! Let me ask you what's the next step?Apply for state license?Apply for NPI?Apply for DEA?No job yet, I have a baby due in 7 wks. Planning on starting a job in January. I wanted to get some of these administrative things done before baby arrives.Thanks!
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    You are living my dream...all your hard work has paid off.
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    You did it! Congratulations! Bask in your achievement.🌟
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    Congratulations! I hear those boards are indeed tough. Great accomplishment!

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