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It's been a long journey to become a RN but I'm here now....I'm constantly thanking Jesus for making it possible!!!!

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  1. MissRNBlue803

    nurse to patient ratio orthopaedic floor?

    I work in a hospital that's strictly ortho patients in the whole hospital except ed. on days and night you can get up to 7 patients with 1 tech and 1 huc except on sundays huc until 1pm .
  2. MissRNBlue803

    I Passed Ortho Nurse Cert Exam!

  3. MissRNBlue803

    Anyone working two nursing jobs?

    apply for all and any job even if you don't like that area off nursing. Just get your foot in the door
  4. MissRNBlue803

    Anyone working two nursing jobs?

    I work two nursing jobs one full time and one prn
  5. MissRNBlue803

    Getting a Job in GA with a criminal history...

    You shouldn't have a problem at all.
  6. MissRNBlue803

    Felony Adjudication withheld

    Baptist might let you do clinicals but if you can't get cleared by Baptist you will not be able to continue in the nursing program
  7. MissRNBlue803

    Kindred Hospital

    That's what I've heard about kindred so now I'm trying fresenius dialysos now
  8. MissRNBlue803

    Kindred Hospital

    It was in Charleston but I didn't go to the interview
  9. MissRNBlue803

    Kindred Hospital

    I haven't ever worked at a hospital but I have gotten jobs at nursing homes
  10. MissRNBlue803

    Kindred Hospital

    Got an interview in the morning for a sub acute floor. Any inputs about this hospital
  11. MissRNBlue803

    Anyone in Florida who made it through clinicals?

    Baptist medical center will approve u...thats where I did all my clinicals
  12. MissRNBlue803

    Anyone in Florida who made it through clinicals?

    I went to florida state college jacksonville
  13. MissRNBlue803

    Waiting on approval to practice nursing with a Juvenile record

    Congrats on getting ur license!!
  14. MissRNBlue803

    Jumping for JOY!!!

    Thanks....I put my license on inactive status to get license in another compact state
  15. MissRNBlue803

    Jumping for JOY!!!

    Just got an email from SC nursing boards that my license was reactivated now I don't have to travel to Augusta everyday just EOW.....
  16. I'm licensed and I work in both GA and SC..I probably can get my license in FL because it has been more than 5 years since my felony which is third degree but you can always contact a lawyer that handles nursing licenses....GOOD LUCK