Seeking Advice: Direct Entry Blues - page 8

I am a graduate of direct entry accelerated BSN/MSN program for non nurses. I came into the role of APN, specifically NP as a very green graduate. I did very well in my program, but am finding... Read More

  1. by   Oldmahubbard
    I am curious regarding the OP's apparent inability to succeed on their first job, ie, if any specifics were mentioned. Too slow? issues with differential diagnosis?
  2. by   Skippingtowork
    It is quite possible that pediatrics is not for the OP. In that field you really have to be productive as it tends to be less profitable per patient. You also have to deal well with the family. Essentially, you have 2-3 patients per visit (mom, dad and child). Not everyone is warm and fuzzy or enjoys children. If OP was an FNP grad versus a PNP grad, the transition may be harder. Clearly her invitation to move along could not have been related to safety or competence. If possible, OP may like adults or specialty. Also, some NPs don't find pediatric primary care interesting. They prefer excitement. I would love to hear what OP decided.