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Nurse practitioner Salary

  1. 1 There are tons of these out there, but most of them seem to be old, closed posts. I will also add a poll to this post. Seems there are a lot of people wanting more thorough data than only what can provide. Hopefully this post will provide a salary expectation for fnp hopefuls, students, new grads, and people considering the field of nursing.
  2. Poll: What is your salary as a nurse practitioner?

    • <$70,000

      6.38% 6
    • $70,000-$80,000

      8.51% 8
    • $80,000-$90,000

      20.21% 19
    • $90,000-$100,000

      25.53% 24
    • $100,000-$115,000

      15.96% 15
    • >$115,000

      23.40% 22
    94 Votes
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    This poll isn't helpful unless you say how many ears experience..
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    That would be a complex poll lol. I guess this can be for people that are close to new grads or new grads
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    Advance Healthcare network for NPs & PAs has a good break down of 2013 National salary survey

    2013 National Salary Survey Results on ADVANCE for NPs & PAs

    I would like to hear how these compare of those on here.
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    Do PAs really make more that NPs? I currently work in an ER with other PAs and NPs and we all make the same salary. However, I honestly though NPs would make more and be more desirable overall.
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    I know a few PAs hitting close to 200k (many 150k with normal hours). Out in my area PAs make a bit more because they staff specialized areas while NPs dominate primary care.
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    Pa make more cuz like dranger said they specialize more often. And their are more male pa. Male nps usually command a higher salary also it seems
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    Both np and pa at the er grip in my hospital make 65 an hour. Don't know what the specialists make. One pa I know makes 125k for 50 hour weeks working psych/hospital med inpatient
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    I only make 95 working 42 hr weeks as a new grad. Night shift. Few extra shifts a month at the clinic will push me close to 120 here shorty. I am rural though. Rural ky. Our clinic nps make from 85-110 85 bring base and then incentive if you see more pts. One guy was pulling close to 120 for a 40 hr week since he was very fast
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    I live in a low cost of living area in the South. Here when I graduate I can expect $75-85,000/year without experience.
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    I live in Miami, Fl and myself and most of my classmates started with a base salary of 80k with bonus incentives.
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    I'm in Boston, if you couldn't guess, lol . I'm finding most starting NP salaries here (with my nursing exp figured in) are anywhere between 105K-114K
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    Right, that is by choice. I volunteer my time (retired from a paying job). However, I think in my area of TX where I lived before moving overseas, I would say 70-80k...I've not worked as a NP stateside.