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I have a question, guys, and I want brutal honesty...I don't want to quit my job. I love it. But I will leave if this mess continues. As I have mentioned, I work in a clinic that dispenses controlled substances. As such,... Read More

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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    NPAlby is right. The problem isn't this incident (which isn't singular, you post these issues about once a month), the problem is an unhealthy workplace culture and inappropriate relationships. None of the rest of what you posted is your problem and they will all be just fine without you. We all like to think our patients and colleagues would be lost without us, but let's be honest, they did fine before we got here and they will do fine when we are gone. None of us is irreplaceable. Save yourself. Get out.
    This is such an important point. You are not a martyr and a job is a job. Get out and save your license.

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    Strongly recommend you seek a place to practice elsewhere. If policy says x and practice does y then you are in a very bad position should there be a negative outcome, audit, or legal action taken. Get out now.

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