Anybody else in hiring limbo?

  1. I have applied for 8 jobs in the triangle area, weeks ago, these were all advertised positions.Everyone of them seems to be ducking my calls or not returning my calls. Not even to say, " I'm sorry, the position has been filled, or your are not a good fit." I'm a grown up, I can handle rejection to my face. But I have a hard time with cowardly behavior that hopes ill just go away.Anybody else experience this? Maybe employers are waiting to see who gets elected?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I think it's just the fact that there are many applicants for few positions. I know when we have an opening, we typically already know who we're going to hire but we still go through the motions of posting the position, receiving resumes, and interviewing applicants. A lot of the times, the applicants are equally qualified but the person the group is familiar with ends up getting the job (i.e., worked as a nurse in the same institution, was an exceptional student during clinicals). It seems unfair like we're wasting other people's time but in an environment where you can pick and choose from many well qualified applicants, the odds just end up looking grim.
  4. by   Lovanurse
    Hi Nurse Tim!

    I have actually had 2 offers by organizations who didn't have an NP position posted. The first thing I did when I started my job hunt was send my CV to all of the places I wanted to work whether they were hiring or not.

    It's funny that, as you stated, the positions that advertised a job opening, "already filled the position" but the ones that weren't hiring, made me an offer. Give it a shot! Good luck:-)
  5. by   nursetim
    I had to take a contract in SD as a Locums again. I'll believe it when I step through the door. I've had a few Locums position evaporate from under me. That didn't help my sunny disposition as head cremudgeon of the southwest.
  6. by   Dixiecup
    I don't know where you live but I work in southeast missouri. A little town called Farmington. NP jobs are plentiful. I work full time at a rural health clinic and part time at a local urgent care. The urgent care is looking to hire a full time NP as we speak. Pay is good, but not a lot of benefits. Just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone is interested.
  7. by   nursetim
    Thanks for the tip. I need to get back to NC to look after the folks though.
  8. by   morganvibes
    I can always find jobs, but the employers are getting "sketchier" I'll say. I have had 3 different places that had me come in and for several days befroe they would tell me the specifics of the position. i dont like that because in 2 of those situations, I could have saved us both time because I didnt like the salary or hours. It seems that the employers.doc know that it is a bad economy and they are taking advantage.Right now I am working part time at an urgent care, not really a set schedule, and also part time at a pain clinic doing a 'trial' with the Doc. This has been going on in limbo for 5 weeks and he is evasive about every question that involves specifics, exasperating.Btw on another issue, what is a normal vacation time? I have had too many offer 2 weeks and that sounds crazy to me, isnt it?
  9. by   Lovanurse
    I get 2 weeks +5 days CME the first year. Then 3 weeks next year
  10. by   reddgirl
    I am!

    Got certified as a FNP back in September and my license just posted a few weeks ago. Since then, I have been applying for jobs like crazy with no phone calls returned! I live in Miami, Fl where they want mostly bilingual speakers! I havce since then started applying to faculty postions just to get away from the bedside which has burnt me to a crisp. The market down here sucks really bad! Anyone have any suggestions?!
  11. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    Due respect reddgirl, you live in Miami and don't speak Spanish? I don't think you have a snowball's chance of getting hired. I'd enroll in a Medical Spanish course and buy Rosetta Stone tonight. You can remind me that this is the United States. You can point out that we don't have a national language but traditionally speak predominantly English; give me a laundry list of reasons why you don't think you should have to do so. A few people will "like "your post and agree with you, but facts be facts ma'am, and you are the minority there. You simply are going to have to learn it, or move if you want to be a candidate for a good position. Congratulations on passing the exam.

    morganvibes-3 weeks vacation has usually been standard, IME.
  12. by   morganvibes
    I love the sun but didnt move to South Florida for that reason. The Tampa bay area seems like it has a lot of family or derm jobs id you like those specialties.Thanks blue Devil, 3 weeks and holidays, with cme would be reasonable.
  13. by   mammac5
    Large hospital is WNC is advertising for several NP positions right now. PM me if you want add'l info.
  14. by   galenight
    I, too, am in Job limbo... thank goodness I still have my RN job! I finished classes late July, actual graduation date was August 27. Took boards on Oct 16 and my license came through in 8 days. I've been looking since July and have had 3 in person interviews and 2 phone interviews. I just got called today for a second interview/job shadow day in 2 weeks as well as an in person interview following a phone interview (will be 2 interviews for 2 different services since it is a 4 hour drive). That is scheduled for the day after the job shadow. I feel like it is taking forever. I've also received a number of replies to job postings via email stating that another candidate was hired or my qualifications aren't what they are looking for. But more often than not, I just don't hear anything as the original poster noted.