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  1. morganvibes

    Help! Can I still negotiate after saying Yes to a new job?

    Hi, Thanks for the input, I guess you're right, that's all I can do now, just so mad at myself for giving up my leverage. Good luck with your first job!
  2. morganvibes

    New NP Job

    This sadly seems to be the way NP's are supposed to work. There absolutely NEEDS to be an NP residency program! there are a handful out there now. Relying on the luck of the draw to get a friendly teaching environment is ludicrous. Almost all my classmates are in this type of situation, flying by the seat of their pants. I quit the first job I was supposed to have, giving up big loan repayment, because they had a non existant "training" week which consisted of my going to see person after person who was supposed to orient me, and them each saying "No one told me I was meeting with you today." I complained to the medical director, who said how sorry she was that I was falling through the cracks, etc, but still expected me to start seeing patients on Monday. just craziness. If i had it to do over I would have gone to PA school, where they seem to get hands on training for procedures and real world Midlevel duties. they get ER and surgical rotations, which I would have really loved.
  3. Hi all, I was excited after an interview for a new ARNP position, It's what i want to be doing, etc., so when they called just a few hours later and said they were giving me an official offer, I just said Yes to them on the phone. the were paying the same hourly rate I'm getting now. they said they would send a contract and to call this one and that one for getting the ball rolling. When i got home (I have a job now) I thought i had gone over everything in my mind, but now I realize I should have just said, That's great, send me the contract and I'll get back to you shortly. duh. For some reason, probably just nerves, I felt like she was asking me for an answer. Anyway, I thought the hourly rate was fine until I started thinking of some of the good benefits I am getting with my company now, which add about $2-4 k to my gross salary (some loan repayment and HSA matching) plus my insurance costs are very good per pay period. they had given me a sheet with benefits, which seem good, but no actual numbers for premiums, etc. so those benfits add about $2-2.5/hour to my pay rate. plus it is further away, so more gas too. I just wasnt thinking. Is there a gracious way to call back and say, I am still very excited about coming on board but I need to review the insurance and benefit specifics before i can give a firm "Yes". I am so mad at myself, but I wasn't expecting an offer so soon and literally just started looking 4 days ago. usually I think of everything. Any advice would be soooo appreciated Thanks in advance. other concerns I have: there is no lunch break, its an urgent care 9 hour shift no private space, just a counter/desk/computer alcove in the middle of everything. really wish it had some place to just make a phone call or something. Morgan
  4. morganvibes

    Florida FNP

    Hi, thanks for the input guys,. Update: I went for the beach! Just couldn't bring myself to go to a small town. Still hedging my bets a little and have some backup irons in the fire just in case it isn't what a want.
  5. morganvibes

    Florida FNP

    Hi all, I am a new grad FNP, just passed the AANP! Yay! Here is my predicament if anyone can give me some help:(btw I live in the southeast now) I have a job offer at a community health clinic in Tampa for 70k plus incentives (which kick in after a certain number of pts in the year based on 15 per day), 70k is not great but the job qualifies for HRSA 50k student loan repayment. the loan repayment is in a lump sum and tax free so that's really worth more like $70k if it was salary. I have to give a 2 year commitment to get the loan repayment which is through the Federal government, not the employer, but they have to qualify. (possible 4 10's, 4 weeks vacation, including CME, everything paid, even 2k relocation) I love the weather and all the things to do in Tampa, but am concerned about being an NP there because I have heard from recruiters and others that it's not good and a few recruiters told me they are always getting calls from people that want to get out of FL! (doctors and NP's and PA's) Any Florida NP's out there? I had written a few months back about this but now I have to make a decision in the next few days. It seems like a nice place, and glad to have an offer of course, but I am concerned about what I've heard, and also not having autonomy to writing prescriptions for controlled substances as well. I have a possibility of another position in AZ which sounds great, just that it's in an area of about 100,000 people, so pretty small. It pays 90k to start, 4 days 8-5! it's a specialty clinic, (no kids, which would be nice) same vacation time and benefits, 8 k relocation (!) and 5 k sign on (2 k up front and the rest by 2 years). they will train in the specialty (which is one i am interested in) if it was in a bigger area I would not even think about it. just not sure if I should specialize right away, although, gosh 4 - 8 hour days and not having to see kids sounds awfully nice. They dont have loan repayment now but have just been approved for it, so can get it next year. I kind of ike not being commited to the govt though too, in case i want to make a change. any advice would be appreciated. I am happy to have choices, sorry to hear that people dont. some of my classmates are in that same position. Being willing to move helps quite a bit as a new grad. Thanks!
  6. morganvibes

    Finally got another NP job!!!!

    Hi all, I am a new FNP and have really liked working with diabetic patients in my clinicals. Is that a good specialty to go into as far as job security? I would think so, with so many diabetics. I am wondering if it is better to work primary care for a few years before specializing, but really think I would like being a real expert in one area. i want to like my job! Thanks for your input