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I have only been a nurse a couple of months and work in a LTC home. I've had basicly no training there, but hey, I can pass meds like crazy. I absolutely dont know what I am to expect from the CNA's. And the one time I did... Read More

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    First, you need a copy of their scope of practice and job descriptions. While I certainly believe that nurses can assist CNAs, it must be remembered that while the nurse can do the CNA job, the CNA cannot do all of the skills of the nurse. I would begin by showing that I am not above doing certain things like placing a patient on the toilet (and make sure you tell the CNA that you did this), getting some water, etc... But, I can understand your dilemma, especially as a new nurse who is still getting herself organized. Make sure that there is an assignment posted and if you can let them know of changes as soon as you can. Check every now and then to see how they are doing, and also try to foster teamwork between them. Many times, they feel overwhelmed, because one is hiding while the others are killing themselves. Maybe a buddy system? I don't know many of the answers because LPNs function quite differently in hospitals-we aren't the ones making assignments. It is the RNs that do it where I am, and I haven't done LTC yet. I do feel for you, though.

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    I would write their A$$es up!! over and over and over again until they complied with the regulations. Check your policy but I'm pretty sure that after three write ups they can be fired. Talk to your DNS or RN supervisor for support and you can give them all a verbal warning if you feel as though things need to change.

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