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Eventually I'd like to get my BSN and become a Nurse manager after working a few years. However, it seems as if Nurse mangers may at times earn less than the staff RN, due to the fact that Staff RN get overtime, etc, whereas... Read More

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    This is not exclusive to nursing everyone. I worked in a restaurant in college where the manager made ~$50,000/yr but ended up working 65 hrs/wk to cover people. Most of us were part-time wage, but if we had worked full-time we probably would have made more.

    A lot of the problems I hear on this board aren't a nursing specific problem, rather a microcosm of the working world.

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    Quote from showbizrn

    If you're looking
    to make the big bucks
    Go for top level management positions
    (Associate/Assistant Director of Nursing/Dept Head, Director of Nursing).

    Or else you will burn out
    like so many
    Nurse Managers do.
    Top level management? Wouldn't this require you to be a lower level manager before jumping to the top level?

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