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  1. haitianrn

    Regrets about Nursing?

    OMG, this post reflects my sentiments towards Nursing the past 2 years.I absolutely HATE being a Nurse, and unfortunately, I've been in LTC. I hate bedside,shift work, working holidays, , and the general vibe, period. I don't even want to work in a hospital, unless I have a desk job.I went through hell to become an RN- (pregnancy, etc) and I will be looking for a non nursing job soon. I am willing to be a secretary, clerk, anything but a nurse. I want to work M_F, no holidays, no vomit, no needles,nursing isn't worth it, especially if you have a family
  2. I used to work part time every sat and sunday at a LTC facility.Yesterday they told me that now I would only be PRN.tHEY COULDVE FIRED ME, BUT i GUESS THEY WERE TRYING TO AVOID PAYING UNEMPLOYMENT....?I don't think they realize their own faux pas, since they essentially reduced my hours. They also said "You will still be in our system", as if that was supposed to make it better! So, I went ahead and filed unemployment and am waiting to hear if I qualify, due to a reduction in hours? I've been calling the scheduler to see if I will work at all this weekend, and she seems to be avoiding me as well. I have a feeling I will never hear from them and this was their slick way of avoiding firing me. I haven't done anything wrong with regards to patient care or been absent---the reasons they gave me for making me PRN had to do with proper documentation, remembering to fill in gaps in my MAR, which are things all the other nurses there have also been short on time to do.(Its a crazy place, 32 residents per nurse, only 2 nurses!).And I was not written up about the MAR or the documentation, so if the unemployment office asks if they followed due process, they did not.I live in IL and its employment at will, but still, I would think I qualify for unemployment.Any thoughts?
  3. haitianrn

    stay at nursing home or go to the hospital?

    i actually dont care much for pysche and i have a shy personality and am worried these men would sense that...i'd rather work med surg or anything else where my nursing skills wouldnt go to waste, pysche is just a different skill set. i was just thinking that at least id be at a hospital and could transfer to med surg, etc after a year in the pysche floor if i lasted that long. hospital jobs are so hard to come by these days, but i dont want to leave a nice paying job where im comfortable for one thats not so easy and probly pays less than 30 per hour......im just trying to think in terms of long term career growth and also the hospital has great benefits including tuition assistance and on-site BSN/MSN.....BUT I JUST AM AFRAID OF AN ALL MALE AGGRESSIVE FLOOR....it's like putting dorothy from kansas inside a prison ward.....
  4. I currently work at a LTC facility just weekends. Been there a year and just got my rn and they gave me a nice raise so now i earn 30 per hour.I interviewed for a weekend staff nurse job at a hospital thats well known. only problem is that it is on an all male pysche floor that was described as being intense and aggressive. NOT SURE IF I can handle it...my long term goal is to get my MSN and become a clinical nurse specialist or educator.should i stay at the ltc where im comfortable or go to the hospital job i may not like/
  5. haitianrn

    New grad relocating to Chicago

    the previous poster is right.The new grad RNs i see end up at nursing homes very unhappily so not by choice. I don't know why it seems that so many new grads want to come to chicago IT IS NO DIFFERENT than any other job market now
  6. haitianrn

    hospitals 10pm-6am and kids?

    Hi, I'd like to know which hospitals hire RNs to work 10pm-6am ?it seems most (resurrection, etc) only have 11pm-7am as far as night shift. I have child care/take kids to school in morning issues and can't work 11pm-7am nor 7am-7pm nor 7pm-7am.Pretty much limits my options, I know, but my kids are under 2 years old and daycare way too much money, while my other one is 5 and has to be in school by 8am. Working until 7am I'd never make it on time to take him to school. How do those of you with kids that are young and no family help do it???
  7. haitianrn

    am i considered "experienced"?

    Hi, I've been an LPN for a year now at a nursing home and will soon become an RN, hoping to land a hospital position. Does my one year LPN count as experience by a hospital, or just RN?
  8. haitianrn

    Are these teachers the norm, or just lucky?

    BUMP----Anybody have any input, opinions?
  9. The instructors at my nursing school( a community college in Chicago) told us that their annual salary is round 62,000 annually including summers. They have masters of course in tracks such as Leadership, or Education. To me, that seems like a decent salary considering the work conditions are great compared to a floor nurse. I envy them and especially because I have young kids, would love a job like that. My question is, from reading these threads, many are saying they barely make that much and say teaching doesn't pay the bills. Is this really so bad, and are the instructors at my school jut lucky? i want to pursue a MSN and so far the teaching track is most feasible for me in terms of cost, convenience , and time compared to say the CNS track, which is my preference. I was wondering if I got the MSN in teaching now could I go back later and get a post masters certificate as a CNS? I just cant do the CNS now and think Id rather teach in the meantime than be a floor nurse forever, but not if the pay sucks.
  10. Hi, I am researching the online rn to MSN DEGREE OPTIONS AND WAS WONDERING WHICH ONES WOULD LEAD TO ME WORKING AS A CNS SOMEDAY AT A HSPITAL. I am looking at Uniersity of phoenix, and chamberlain and their MSN offers an educator track, or an executive trak, but not one that says specifically CNS track. Will I be able to work as a CNS if I finish one of those tracks above or do I need to find a school offring the CNS track specifically? My teacher said I can as long as I have any MSN but just wanted to be sure.
  11. haitianrn

    Online np programs for non nursing degree

    I've spent half the day researching schools that offer online NURSE PRACTITIONER DEGREES for nurses who already have a bachelors but not in nursing. I like SLU so far but they are so expensive, 905$ credit hour! Any other programs that are cheaper? I will be paying out of pocket, no loans unfortunately. I already know about drexel, frontier, u of cinn, all the others, but they all require 2 yrs work experience, but Im in a hurry, im no spring chicken. I am finishing up an adn program by this november but already have a BS in business and i work now as an lpn, but I dont think that experience counts.
  12. My credit is horrible and I don't have a cosigner for student loans, which are harder to get nowadays eeven with good credit. I was wondering if its possible to pay for NURSE PRACTITIONER SCHOOL out of pocket if I continued to work full time/PART TIME as an RN? I WOULD PROBABLY ATTEND AN ONLINE SCHOOL. HAS ANYONE HERE PAID OUT OF POCKET? HOW HARD WAS IT TO SAVE THE $?
  13. Hi, I start orientation on Tuesday as an LPN at a residential home (not hospital) for the mentally ill. I am a new grad and the only other job I had as an LPN was on a dementia/ALZHEIMER's unit in a nursing home for 3 months.... I am nervous because Ive never worked with mentally ill adults (besides my school rotation but even then it was only 3 weeks and with preteens who were just out of control). Does anyone have any pointers, advice, words of caution, etc to share with me so I can be successful? Are there any specific skills I should refresh on or areas I should read again in my pysche book? I will be working the 11pm-7am shift but will orientate a few weeks on days. I'm just afraid of failing and getting told I'm not good enough and fired.Thanks in advance.
  14. haitianrn

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    i ATTENDED tRITON cOLLEGE IN rIVER gROVE, and they, too make us take the HESI, in both their LPN and the RN PROGRAM. SO, its not just the city colleges....
  15. haitianrn

    Wright cc rn completion

    Can anyone who was in the rn completion program at wright plse comment about it? What days/times did clinicals and lecture meet, what teachers to be careful of, and your overall impressions? What textbooks did u use and where the names of your classes (i.e, pysch, acute, etc?) i start it in march.