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  1. haitianrn

    New grad relocating to Chicago

    the previous poster is right.The new grad RNs i see end up at nursing homes very unhappily so not by choice. I don't know why it seems that so many new grads want to come to chicago IT IS NO DIFFERENT than any other job market now
  2. haitianrn

    hospitals 10pm-6am and kids?

    Hi, I'd like to know which hospitals hire RNs to work 10pm-6am ?it seems most (resurrection, etc) only have 11pm-7am as far as night shift. I have child care/take kids to school in morning issues and can't work 11pm-7am nor 7am-7pm nor 7pm-7am.Pretty much limits my options, I know, but my kids are under 2 years old and daycare way too much money, while my other one is 5 and has to be in school by 8am. Working until 7am I'd never make it on time to take him to school. How do those of you with kids that are young and no family help do it???
  3. haitianrn

    am i considered "experienced"?

    Hi, I've been an LPN for a year now at a nursing home and will soon become an RN, hoping to land a hospital position. Does my one year LPN count as experience by a hospital, or just RN?
  4. haitianrn

    Are these teachers the norm, or just lucky?

    BUMP----Anybody have any input, opinions?
  5. The instructors at my nursing school( a community college in Chicago) told us that their annual salary is round 62,000 annually including summers. They have masters of course in tracks such as Leadership, or Education. To me, that seems like a decent salary considering the work conditions are great compared to a floor nurse. I envy them and especially because I have young kids, would love a job like that. My question is, from reading these threads, many are saying they barely make that much and say teaching doesn't pay the bills. Is this really so bad, and are the instructors at my school jut lucky? i want to pursue a MSN and so far the teaching track is most feasible for me in terms of cost, convenience , and time compared to say the CNS track, which is my preference. I was wondering if I got the MSN in teaching now could I go back later and get a post masters certificate as a CNS? I just cant do the CNS now and think Id rather teach in the meantime than be a floor nurse forever, but not if the pay sucks.
  6. Hi, I am researching the online rn to MSN DEGREE OPTIONS AND WAS WONDERING WHICH ONES WOULD LEAD TO ME WORKING AS A CNS SOMEDAY AT A HSPITAL. I am looking at Uniersity of phoenix, and chamberlain and their MSN offers an educator track, or an executive trak, but not one that says specifically CNS track. Will I be able to work as a CNS if I finish one of those tracks above or do I need to find a school offring the CNS track specifically? My teacher said I can as long as I have any MSN but just wanted to be sure.
  7. My credit is horrible and I don't have a cosigner for student loans, which are harder to get nowadays eeven with good credit. I was wondering if its possible to pay for NURSE PRACTITIONER SCHOOL out of pocket if I continued to work full time/PART TIME as an RN? I WOULD PROBABLY ATTEND AN ONLINE SCHOOL. HAS ANYONE HERE PAID OUT OF POCKET? HOW HARD WAS IT TO SAVE THE $?
  8. haitianrn

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    i ATTENDED tRITON cOLLEGE IN rIVER gROVE, and they, too make us take the HESI, in both their LPN and the RN PROGRAM. SO, its not just the city colleges....
  9. haitianrn

    Wright cc rn completion

    Can anyone who was in the rn completion program at wright plse comment about it? What days/times did clinicals and lecture meet, what teachers to be careful of, and your overall impressions? What textbooks did u use and where the names of your classes (i.e, pysch, acute, etc?) i start it in march.
  10. haitianrn

    is this shady or not?

    I agree with you, but HR justified their actions by saying that they had to cover thier own tails in case I didnt accept their offer. He should have just postponed his interviews until they heard back from me, or at least warned me what might happen....gee wiz, I thought I was doing the right thing , being professional and honest by saying I need a day or two. Maybe i should have said yes and then left them if the other job offer came thru, but i just didnt think that was the right thing to do and now i'm being punished for it.....
  11. haitianrn

    is this shady or not?

    I am so bewildered by something that just happened-I interviewed at 2 places as an LPN. One at a psych facility, another a nursing home. The pysch facility's DON assured me verbally that theyd make me an offer and she even had me come in and take a drug screen in the office, copied my SS card, license. Said the offer would be formalized after the drug screen results.That was three days ago. In the mean time, 2 days ago, I got a job offer for a nursing home that I wasnt crazy about since it was only PRN. I told HR that I'd like a day or 2 to think it over and asked him if I could get back to him in a day or two. He said Fine. Well, I called him back today to accept their PRN offer since the DOn from the other psych place still hasnt formally offered me the job. To my dismay, when I told the guy I accepted his offer, he said, "well, now its contingent because we had to keep interviewing others. You have to move very quickly in healthcare.I will try and fight for you, tell me why you want this position? ". he basically said the job offer they made me was no longer valid since I hadnt accepted it right away! It seems a bit unprofessional to me that they'd turn around and do that, especially after he said it was ok if i thought about it a day or 2.Any thoughts? Now I am not sure I have a job anywhere, cuz the one at the pysch place was just a verbal assurance that Id get an offer, but I have yet to hear from them, even after I left a message yesterday asking them to confirm/finalize it.
  12. haitianrn

    New grad got fired, help

    OK, moderator, plse close this thread now. I already feel the wrath of some posters. My decision has been made on what I must do.Thanks to all who took the time to reply without passing judgement, and to those who did prejudge me, its not you putting food on my table or a roof over my head.
  13. haitianrn

    New grad got fired, help

    we ll, i just asked HR what their policy is, they told me they only verify title and dates and that it is considered a neutral reference.In that case, since I know that now, should I just say I was let go because they told me I wasnt a good fit? I dont see the point in my bringing up my absences if they wont.... The only question would be that the new employer may ask me to elaborate on why I wasnt a good fit, in which case I have no clue.I guess I could say that was all the reason they gave for terminating me, right?
  14. haitianrn

    New grad got fired, help

    Thanks for all those replying. But now I am confused because some people advise saying I left because of not a good fit, etc while others advise me to be honest. Not sure which road to take...Im inclining toward the not a good fit, because in this economy, what employer will gamble on someone who got fired when they have dozens of others who may not have been fired with equal qualifications? If I was the employer, I know I'd be leary of hiring someone who got terminated, no matter what her credentials or experience.
  15. haitianrn

    New grad got fired, help

    thanks for the advice, i will change the end date on my resume.But just curiuos, if i lied about being fired, how would a new employer find out since my old job can only say dates, dept that i worked? I just think saying i was fired isnt gonna help me get the job, and i need this money badly, three kids and behind on morgage, need i say more.....