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I used to work part time every sat and sunday at a LTC facility.Yesterday they told me that now I would only be PRN.tHEY COULDVE FIRED ME, BUT i GUESS THEY WERE TRYING TO AVOID PAYING UNEMPLOYMENT....?I don't think they realize their own faux pas, since they essentially reduced my hours. They also said "You will still be in our system", as if that was supposed to make it better! So, I went ahead and filed unemployment and am waiting to hear if I qualify, due to a reduction in hours? I've been calling the scheduler to see if I will work at all this weekend, and she seems to be avoiding me as well. I have a feeling I will never hear from them and this was their slick way of avoiding firing me. I haven't done anything wrong with regards to patient care or been absent---the reasons they gave me for making me PRN had to do with proper documentation, remembering to fill in gaps in my MAR, which are things all the other nurses there have also been short on time to do.(Its a crazy place, 32 residents per nurse, only 2 nurses!).And I was not written up about the MAR or the documentation, so if the unemployment office asks if they followed due process, they did not.I live in IL and its employment at will, but still, I would think I qualify for unemployment.Any thoughts?

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Really only your state's unemployment office can answer that. I do know that you have to work below a certain amount of hours and earn below a certain amount per week to receive unemployment in my former state of residence. Every state is different though.

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