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    At the end of my last shift, one of our unit bosses quietly handed me a card in which they thanked me for my care of specific patient whose family (including a retired ED nurse and two docs) really appreciated me. The note included a gift card.

    I was really touched that they noticed and very grateful that they saw fit to thank me, tangibly, even.

    I wish more organizations would recognize how much goodwill they engender by such small actions.

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    It is very important for employers to notice when the staff does a good job....not just when there are performance issues. So many times, supervisors never recognize the employee that is always on time, gets the job done with a smile, and gets along well with peers. However, how many times have you been in a unit/floor meeting, and everyone is getting blessed out for the transgressions or poor performance of the few??
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    Great for you! Far too often we only hear the negative. It is so uplifting to hear that you made such a great impression on someone that they took the time to reward you for it, even if it is just a simple thank you.
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    I agree, as a PCT it's very nice to have an appreciative RN working alongside you.

    This one RN is so professional and kind I can hardly believe it.
    At the end of every shift it is "Thank you so much for your help" etc.

    Health care TEAM !
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    I always tell my coworkers "we had a good night tonight, thanks for all your help." I noticed they'd leave the job with a spring in their step.

    It's important to acknowledge when a person is not only doing the job they were hired for, but exceeding expectations. I know personally when someone praises me, it makes me want to do even better next time.
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    I live in Gaylord Michigan, and I had a boss that would roll her eyes at me and be rude and disrespectful and NEVER ever work the floor. But she was sure quick to criticize me at every instance that she could. I now work at another facility in Gaylord that is a ventilator unit. My new boss, works the floor a few times a month, and every time she writes a note, she always ends it with "thanks for all of the work that you do"... She is awesome, I had only worked at one facility before this and thought how horrible nursing was, but then I found a bit of heaven with awesome co-workers who were helpful. I am so darn LUCKY!!
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    Where I work its similar too, sometimes it almost seems too much but i wont complain. Sometimes I feel like im getting kudos for just doin my job, but maybe I go above and beyone what others might do. I do the job and usually with a smile and efficiency so maybe its noticed. But i swear sometimes ill get a new small thank you card like every week or 2, then it will be a few weeks, then ill get a whole bunch more. But it is nice to feel apreciated even if I feel like I am just doing my job.
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    I don't think I'll ever forget my first holiday shift at an RN this past fall. I'm a float nurse and was only a couple of months off of orientation. One of my coworkers thanked me for helping the unit out and for taking a difficult patient load with stride. I actually took a picture of it from out intranet! It's something that reminds me that I AM a good nurse, even if the day didn't feel like it. Thanks to all the of wonderful nurses who don't eat their young (or their floats).
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    I received a card from another department manager stating how great I was doing and how I excelled in demonstrating the facility's values. I felt special and appreciated although I would have rather had the raise the hospital can't afford.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Sometimes I wonder how it is that so many managers can't understand what engenders staff loyalty and boosts morale (leaving aside the pay question for the moment which I totally agree with).

    Thank you notes, awareness of the real life of your unit, asking for employee input (and taking it seriously) - all of that is free and doesn't require any classroom time.

    The CEO of a pretty sizable healthcare/insurance corporation I worked for had a habit of visiting each of our facilities on a rotating basis. Even our little tiny outpost. He just took off his jacket, sat in our minuscule break room and talked to us informally about our jobs without glancing at his watch every 30 seconds. For all the well-deserved complaining we do about the "suits", this suit is one I would happily work for, and go the extra-mile for. He did, and that made all the difference.
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