Why do the unit nurses treat the students like this?!

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    I am always reading posts like that and I thought it was time that I make my own!

    To the nurses who are the nurse of the patient I have been assigned to for my clinicals on your floor...and even to those I had no direct dealings with your patient...


    For taking the time to hunt me down and bringing me into a room where something was being done that I had never seen, or to perform a skill I had never done or even if I've done numerous times but thought I'd like another opportunity to hone my skill/perfection of it!

    For listening to me when I give you info on the patient that just doesn't sit right with me.

    For honestly taking into consideration my opinion or thoughts on something that should be done.

    For treating me as an adult.

    For letting me bounce ideas off of you..even if it were just the babbling of a 2nd yr student.

    For answering my questions, albeit they might have been silly or odd.

    For taking me under your wing and showing me ways to do things easier, more proficiently.

    For speaking those kind words and the gently hug you gave me I had reached my breaking point when my instructor was in a foul mood and took it out on the closest person (unfortunatly that would be me).

    For praising me for doing well, and giving me constructive criticism when I needed it.

    For bringing me a cup of coffee when you say I was running out of steam.

    For having my back when my instructor insisted I did not do something per hospital protocol and you knew I had.

    and most especially for telling my instructor that you thought I was very bright, had so much potential and that you'd love to see me working the floor when I graduate in May!

    Thank you!

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    This is awesome!
    Thank you for pointing out the good things those gals do for us, students!
    It's so easy to overlook these little things over our insecurities, programs' schedules, upcoming tests, homeworks and other running-arounds, and focus on the rough spots. But it's those little things that give us the so much needed practical skills and know how...
    Just at the last clinical, this nurse looked for me for almost 10 mins all around the rehab, to show me how to do the dialysis pt care (although we'll have it only next semester).
    They are awesome!
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    Great post!!! As a nurse I love helping students, teaching, giving feedback, and watching them learn new skills.
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    Good post! We have student cnas at our facility right now and if I'm doing something that can help them learn I try to pull them in! The other day I was doing a tx on a pressure ulcer and asked them if they'd ever seen one and they hadn't so they watched me do the tx and I told them what stage it was and why it's so important to turn bed bound pts etc, its nice when they are eager to learn.
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    I love students!! It is great to hear these things. Some nurses are against students but I absolutely love them. You all help with Meds, keep my "needy" Pts entertained, and enjoy doing everyday interventions that I find mundane. Thank you guys!!
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    Thank you for writing this. I am a second year student. We absolutely love the nurses on our clinical unit. They are so kind and eager to teach us. We have learned so much already because they do go out of their way to teach. Our clinical instructor is amazing too! The NAs are also very kind to us. We are blessed to have all of them
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    Quote from markkuss
    This is awesome!
    Thank you for pointing out the good things those gals do for us, students!
    No love for the guys?
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    I have been extremely fortunate to have amazing clinical instructors and floor nurses! I've gotten to see and do some amazing things. My confidence is getting solid and I'm getting lots of opportunities.

    I appreciate the trust and patience that the nurses have for me and the other students. Each nurse has their own style, rhythm and manner. I'm learning from each one!
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    I'm glad you're having such a great experience! I wish we got students on nights, so I could work with you guys (and gals ). I do see lots of students when giving report, so I always try to be helpful. Not only is it nice to make ya'll feel more at ease, it makes me so incredibly happy to see students and realize I don't have to do that anymore!
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    Awesome, love this post ! Whenever I read positive stuff on here it just makes nursing...and life that much better ha ha!
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