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I work in a large busy ED so I have many co-workers, many of whom I love and some who just make me feel like my head is going to explode. There are a handful who are downright nasty people, and it... Read More

  1. by   tothepointeLVN
    Quote from kcmylorn
    "Mouthing off" is not "taking up for yourself". It's just plain old mouthing off because you feel "I have this new LPN license and move over because I have arrived all you lucky people" JMHO- but just because you have a newly gotton LPN license after being a CNA for 11 years doesn't immediately or instantly give you the keys to the kingdom.<br>
    I have to snicker at this in particular as I've seen this behavior in persons who aren't even a nurse yet. I had a classmate that in the end had great difficulty passing the exit exam and nearly didn't graduate. Well this lovely belle managed to on her 2nd day of clinicals mouth off to a CNA with the words " I'm the NURSE your just a CNA." Yes as a student. Oh yeah and she was completely wrong in whatever point she was making. Can't remember the details only the reaction.
  2. by   jadelpn
    Quote from R!XTER
    No, she is not my manager and is not *making* me do anything however she is all about herself and honestly does not give a lick about the patients so long as it doesn't effect her or her license. Knowing her, she would never do the fingerstick, and then if something happened to the patient, she would say "well the finger stick was the responsibility of the previous nurse, not my fault!" Technically, yes we do finger sticks at 7a ( I work 8-8) but she has no concept of nursing being 24/7. We pick up where the previous nurse left off. I do that for all my coworkers with the understanding that most of them make a good faith effort and it is not always possible to finish all orders by 7:59...
    I you work 8-8, you report off to her at 7? Or at 8? In any event, you need to do and treat the finger stick if you are the primary nurse at 7am. If you are not, then document accordingly--you can't assume this RN is "never going to do the FBS"-- And it doesn't matter what she says, it is what you document. I get that it gets crazed first thing in the morning. However, like your meds, if it is to be done at 7, you need to do it at 7. Do as many orders as possible, but this is where the 24/7 comes in. Priority orders are those I would think that are due between 7 and 8 am. This is all depending, of course, if you report at 7 or at 8. Once you report off to the next nurse, she needs to organize her own day. And this is two entirely different things--you are responsible for timely interventions (FBS) while the patient is under your care. You are responsible for orders taken off in a timely fashion on your time (and there are "rules" about this in most facilities that is within a certain time frame), if it is an admission, or something that needs finishing up, then do as much as you can, prioritize, as it is a little overwhelming to have it be 7:59, and labs were due to be drawn at 0700......
  3. by   RNin10
    This sounds so much like a co-worker of mine that I gave report to this morning (3 hours ago) my head still hurts!!
  4. by   lee555
    Honey, there are all kinds of nasty people in this world, and you will find them in all professions. But, for a nurse who is to sane and fully capacitated is only how hey can preform as nurse-putting hands on others to heal their lives. Oh! But the "nasty" nurse may not be taking her psych medications. Report the nasty nurse to Administration; because some of the behavior can be considered demented or acting out behavior, and no medical setting will allow that.
  5. by   lee555
    If these "nurses" are even close to acting out or acting demented, they may be off their medications, or they need psych evaluations. There is call a disease Picks Disease where it affects the brain and people are nasty and mean. Report them!
  6. by   not.done.yet
    I think the more apropos question is "Why does nursing turn individuals into mean and cranky people"?
  7. by   JBudd
    I was reading this going "this sounds familiar?" Bingo, original post was 2012.

    My answer, mean and crabby people exist in every profession. It's just harder to get away from them in a team setting.