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RNin10 specializes in Corrections, tele/med surg.

I am married, with one child. I am blessed to have the opportunity to pursue my RN, after years of wishing I could!

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  1. I found out this week that I was accepted into this bridge program and I am beyond excited! I joined a Facebook page for all September FNP students but I also added one specifically for those who are going to do the bridge. Please join me, Simmons College RN to MSN FNP September 2017 cohort. I think that this page could help us with issues we may have specific to the bridge portion of the program. I am super excited about this next step in the journey!
  2. RNin10

    Simmons FNP Sept 2017

    I found out today that I got in. I'm doing the RN to MSN FNP starting in September 2017!
  3. RNin10

    Simmons MSN-FNP September 2017

    I just found out today that I will be starting in September!!!
  4. RNin10

    Waiting to hear...

    I applied to Nursing@Simmons RN to MSN FNP program for September. Now I anxiously await the answer. If I don't get in I will apply to Frontier. Walden University also has an RN to MSN FNP bridge but I'm nervous about that school as there is no immersion weekend or any type of interaction. From what I have read about Simmons, this school seems awesome and is definitely my first choice. But I'm nervous, which is always typical for me I have run out of undergrad student loan money and the only way I can pursue this dream is to do a bridge like this. Does anyone know of other online programs that offer the RN to MSN bridge with FNP? I have seen some that offer the bridge but not for FNP. It is important for it to be a bridge in order for me to get financial aid. Thanks!
  5. RNin10

    Simmons FNP Sept 2017

    It sounds like you applied to the RN to MSN bridge program? I did also, I am waiting to hear. I am nervous because I owe money to another school and they won't release my transcripts until I pay the balance in full. So, I am now trying to figure out how I can pay the balance so I can start in September if I am accepted. Good luck to you! Hopefully we will be classmates!
  6. RNin10

    Cannabis, the cure all?

    I am absolutely against smoking pot to cure everything, but I have been researching CBD oil and if all the claims are true then the whole debate about legalization and blah blah blah could be put to rest.
  7. I am all set to start at Chamberlain online for the RN to BSN. I am really excited. I have bounced around on this. I signed up with Western Governors 3 years ago but due to some circumstances I had to withdraw. Then I decided to go to Jacksonville University, mostly for the local recognition of the school. JU was just getting so long winded and expensive. I decided to try WGU again, got accepted and then got a phone call from Chamberlain. Ultimately, I want to be a FNP so Chamberlain is the best choice for me and the enrollment process was so great. Is anyone else planning to start 5/4 with me?
  8. In 2012 I started the RN to BSN at WGU. I had some circumstances in my personal life which have since been resolved. I ended up withdrawing from the only term I was enrolled in. In 2013 I started another BSN program at a more traditional school, but still online. I had success there in the beginning but the last 2 terms I failed my classes. Mostly because of personal issues again (In the second term I broke my foot and had to have surgery and fell behind). I decided that I really want to get back to WGU because the format works well for me. I am no stranger to online classes, I took most of my nursing prereqs online and I had a 4.0. So I applied for readmission to WGU (for MSN) but I am quite anxious about whether I will be readmitted. Has anyone here had experience? I have an opportunity to go to another school that is more traditional (South University) but I would rather go to WGU. If I am going to go to South I need to decide probably before I will know if WGU accepts me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  9. RNin10

    MSN-Leadership/Management April 1st start?

    I am tentatively starting RN to MSN leadership on 5/1. If I can't then I will shoot for 6/1.
  10. RNin10

    Capella University

    Prior to yesterday, I was leaning toward Chamberlain but I talked to Capella and I was impressed. The rep seemed very low pressure and easy going and even waived the application fee, which I did not ask for. I love that many credits will transfer that other schools have not accepted due to differences in accreditation. I am concerned that the fact that I won't have to take statistics could hurt me in the future if I chose to go somewhere else for MSN/FNP. If I go here for my bsn and like it, I may just go on with the same school. So, does anyone have any idea how this "skipping classes" may affect my future choices? Thanks!
  11. RNin10

    Capella's RN to BSN program

    I talked to Capella yesterday and they said they are regionally accredited.
  12. RNin10

    Capella vs Chamberlain for RN-BSN online?

    I am glad I read this. I wish there was more here. I have been leaning toward Chamberlain and then talked to Capella today. I was impressed with the rep on the phone and a lot of what she said. I loved the fact that the higher levels of math wouldn't be required but I did worry about that for later on since I do want to do FNP. It's been almost 2 years. Does anyone have any new input?
  13. RNin10

    Nurse pay in Jacksonville?

    Two years later, any updates on Jacksonville pay? Specifically experienced RNs at Baptist?
  14. RNin10

    Baptist Jacksonville Pay rate

    I have been a nurse for almost 3 years, working on a med/surg tele unit. I interviewed at Baptist yesterday for CVICU. The first question she asked was if I would be ok making less money. Does anyone have any idea what the pay is like now at Baptist? I haven't seen any recent info on here. Thanks!
  15. RNin10

    Need to vent!

    Thanks for your thoughts. I did talk toy NM this morning and she was totally supportive of me and the patient. I feel so much better!
  16. RNin10

    Why do mean/crabby people become nurses??

    This sounds so much like a co-worker of mine that I gave report to this morning (3 hours ago) my head still hurts!!