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Based on the thank you card thread, what's the most bizarre thing said to you by management or administration? I can think of a few that will always stand out in my mind. When discussing our patient satisfaction surveys,... Read More

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    Quote from Kittypower123
    I work in LTC and our administrator told us that our facility should be comparable to a nice hotel. Really? I've never been to a nice hotel that had staff to toilet me, get me up and dressed in the morning and undressed and in bed in the evening, managed my medications and treatments, showered me, fed me and monitored my condition.
    Perhaps they should supply the proper amount of staff like a nice hotel does? Oh, yah, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I forgot we were talking about health care.

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    Quote from mobynmom
    That's crazy! However, it happens to SO many of us nurses!
    Where I work, we HAVE to clock out for our 30 min MANDATORY lunch breaks. However, we work through them -- and if we clock in ONE MINUTE early - we get written up! My 30 min breaks usually consist of me clocking out, setting an alarm on my phone, gulping something down WHILE working, then clocking back in. How much sense does THAT make?
    We're not ALLOWED to EVER write "No Lunch." Because then, they have to PAY us for that time - also, if we DO take our lunch, and get interrupted, we have to do a time-adjustment sheet, and take ANOTHER 30 minute break! Thus-if we end up taking another 30 minute break, we are behind an HOUR...and there IS no such thing as "allowed overtime."
    I think management needs to look long & hard at the rules they make & expect us to follow, the amount of work we're expected to complete, and how ridiculous they are making it on us!!!

    I would LOVE to have a lunch break -- a break away from the noise, complaints, etc. Just time to leave the building, sit in my car if I must, some ME time, to de-stress, actually EAT something instead of inhaling it, and to mentally REcharge!!!
    There HAS to be a solution -- but I don't think HR has an answer. They aren't the ones who hold their bladders, get blamed for God-knows-what, has time-sensitive medication passes to complete, staff conflicts to deal with, all while doing our best to give our patients the time THEY need & deserve!!!
    The solution is either to contact your local Labor Board, or a good lawyer...
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    When I was in my last semester in nursing school to become a RN, I asked my manager to let me leave one hour earlier from work on Tuesdays because I will have a test on those days, and she said and I quote: "can you not take the test?" I just looked at her for a good 10 seconds in shock and said calmly, So what is the purpose of me going to school if I don't take the required tests in order for me to pass; and for the record, before I started nursing school we had an agreement that my scheduled will be flexible.
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    I have been on the bone marrow registry for many years now and never got a call until this past dec, I happened to be at work on that day and was excited to share the news that I was a 'potential' match for a stranger w/ cancer so I went in to my managers office to share the news and her first response was: "well, just make sure it doesn't interfere w/ your shifts"... Then a couple of weeks later when I learned I was a complete match and had several co-workers injecting me w/ neupogen shots in preparation for the donation (everyone knew what/when I was donating bone marrow), my manager switched my days and scheduled me to work the day of donation and being that everyone knew infusing the manager about what I was doing, I didn't even think twice to check my schedule, long story short my manager put me down as an unscheduled absence and disregarded the fact that I as an RN was out saving a life that day and not at work
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    "We aren't actually having this conversation"

    Ooookay then...
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    "You're all doing great with hand washing audits, but there is room for improvement."
    "What was our score?"
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    "We care about you as an employee"
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    Last edit by nhnursie on Dec 12, '12 : Reason: posted before finished typing

    That is the cutest and funniest reason (guilty myself) for having to edit. Loved it!
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    We had an ICU evening charge nurse who used to do room inspections. One day we knew she was going to do it, so everyone's rooms were spotless and perfect. She came into one room, was visibly disappointed that she couldn't find a problem, and finally sputtered that the nurse had too many pens in the cup on the desk. Oy.
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    Our hospital had a smoking cessation campaign that was optional for staff to take on their lunch breaks. So weeks of this " inservice" went by and myself and several of my co-workers ( including our asst unit manager) still had not found the time to participate. ( because like all other clever decisions...they ALWAYS schedule these damn things during a.m med pass or 5 mins before shift end)
    Anyway, I digress.....on this particular day, our asst manager ( who used to be a bedside nurse with us) tells us we are being pulled off the floor because we hadn't taken the cessation inservice...." what about my pt's??" I asked...." it's Rec therapy time...they're fine for a few minutes" says asst manager. " Hmm....I don't think so. It's an optional thing anyway, right? I don't feel right about leaving my pts unattended...plus I still have my accu-checks and charting to do" says me. " No, you have to take this inservice" states asst manager....So I make sure there are 3 CNA's and 2 other RN's willing to keep an eye on my pt's. ( Thinking I will make a brief appearance then bail!
    As I go into the conference room...I am the only one there! WT...???!?! After about 5 mins...I was just ready to leave when asst manager returns with the inservice facilitator....------ * wait for it *.....
    " Sorry about that...we just popped out for a quick ciggie"

    COOOMMMEEEE OOONNNNNN!!! Seriously?????
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