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Based on the thank you card thread, what's the most bizarre thing said to you by management or administration? I can think of a few that will always stand out in my mind. When discussing our... Read More

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    Quote from brillohead
    Oh please don't give The Powers That Be any crazy ideas!!!!!!!

    You are the only other person besides me that I've ever heard complain about Reglan! I see it given out sooooo often to patients, and all I can think is, "I hope it doesn't make you bat-guano crazy like it did me!"

    I am the kind of person who can sleep anytime, anywhere -- the only time I ever have trouble falling asleep is when I have had more than 10 cans of Pepsi Max in the previous couple of hours. But while taking Reglan in an attempt to increase my milk supply, I was a complete insomniac every time I tried to sleep! I was tired as all get out, but simply could NOT fall asleep when I tried. I was so drowsy that I could fall asleep sitting up doing my work or nursing my baby -- I could even fall asleep standing up!!! -- but I could *not* sleep when I wanted/needed to.

    It actually got so bad that I felt like I was on the verge of a psychotic break... if my husband hadn't been home to take care of the baby, I would have taken him to my MIL's house to have her watch him, because I felt like I wasn't even competent enough to care for him anymore -- like my thought processes weren't even functioning.

    I stopped taking the Reglan, handed the baby to my husband, and said, "Bring him to me in bed when he needs to nurse, other than that I don't want to see/hear from either of you until I emerge from the bedroom!" and I *finally* got some decent sleep. That was over twelve years ago, and I've never had trouble sleeping since -- it was just that stupid drug!
    I also had a nut-zo experience with Reglan! I thought I was literally going to CRAWL out of my skin!! It was the worst thing ever..... talk about "twitchy"!! EEK... I get all skeeved out just thinking about it.

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    I was working as a school nurse ( WORSE JOB EVER ) & had this psychotic principal who was on my ass all the time. During one fight,he told me I THOUGHT NURSES WERE USED TO BEING MISTREATED !!!!!! I had a few choice things to say to that !!!!! Some educator are STUPID !!!!! They are insulated in their schools & don't know jack about the real world but THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ! I have lost my respect for the teaching profession even though not all educators are like this. Sadly, a lot of them are like this. We just don't think alike !!!!!!!
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    what a bunch of crap !
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    Quote from nrsang97
    Seriously that is dumb. Management has lost all common sense. I am so lucky I have the manager I have.
    That implies that at some point management actually HAD common sense...
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    Obviously your manager doesn't know the Labor Laws which makes her a delinquent manager. When I was a nurse manager, I was taught eveything about everything, so I could quote chapter & verse as rebuttal to stupidity !!!!!
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    Quote from SchoolRNAmy
    I also had a nut-zo experience with Reglan! I thought I was literally going to CRAWL out of my skin!! It was the worst thing ever..... talk about "twitchy"!! EEK... I get all skeeved out just thinking about it.
    I have such a severe dystonic reaction with both reglan and compazine that I list them both in my med allergies. There was a time when ER docs thought it would be cute to try to end migraines using reglan (you know, no analgesia, just reglan alone). That's how I first found out about the thrilling side effects. You're right, it literally feels as though you are going to crawl out of your skin. Later, I had the same experience with compazine.

    I talked to one doc who said he doesn't use either because he'd seen the horrible dystonic reactions in several infants after they had been administered (reglan) and the images never left him.
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    Unfortunately not all nurse managers have a pt. care background & judge you on what you should be doing when they don't have a clue. I came up from the trenches & knew what my nurses should be doing !
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    WTG ! All patients are VIP's !
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    Quote from ladyjedimaster
    WTG ! All patients are VIP's !
    Precisely. I have never based my patient care upon how much money and influence the patient has, or who they were related to.
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    Quote from DeLana_RN

    Anyway, a nurse brought up the suggestion that she might be able to leave earlier if we had acuity-based assignments instead of blocks of rooms (i.e., currently one nurse has rooms 20-25, the next 26-31, etc. without regard to acuity; with acuity-based assignments, one nurse might have rooms 15, 19, 23, etc. which would result in fairer assignments).

    Manager's excuse why this cannot be done:

    If we had acuity-based assignments, the nurses might get their patients mixed up.

    Huh? If I can't keep my patients straight, how can you trust me to give meds?!
    Reminds me of another one: when I was still fairly new at hospital nursing (six months, I think?) I had been working 7p-7a on med-surg. One evening I got my evening assignment (along with the other two or three nurses that would be staying through) and went on my way.

    At 11pm, instead of having just two or three new patients handed off from the crew that was leaving, we were shocked to find that the charge nurse--a fill-in float from the OR no less--was completely changing our assignments so that we were all in "blocks" of rooms. Never mind that we had all already assessed our patients, charted on them (making initial notes, etc) and prepared our MARS for the night. No, we were all expected to switch around so that SHE could know "at a glance" which call bells were for which nurses!! Yes, so she could SIT at the desk and read, and know who wasn't answering the bells! Out of our 8-patient assignments, each of us had only one, two, or three of the patients we had the previous four hours.

    As a special bonus, although charge usually took two or three patients, she would be taking none AND giving us the admissions.

    We complained at the time of the assignment, and her answer was "I'm doing you a favor by being here at all, because none of you can do charge." Nice.

    We complained to the nursing supervisor about the New Regime, and were told "she's charge, she can do it the way she wants. Talk to your unit manager in the morning if you want, but tonight it's going to be this way." Super nice; way to support us newbies.
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