What She Couldn't Tell You - page 9

We've all met this type of mom before. It's 2330, her 8 year old daughter is struggling to breathe, and you know for a fact you saw them two weeks ago for the same thing. You also know for a fact you gave her a prescription for... Read More

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    And consider this: when you judge, you become yet another victimizer. Don't do that. Reach out to the wounded and be a hero instead. S/he cannot do it alone. Put your money where your mouth i and DO something.
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    This is amazing. Thank you. Yet another example of what what my nursing school psych instructor pleaded us to take away having unconditional positive regard for patients. You may never know what they are going through or what they have been through.
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    Maintaining health is simple and easy, until real life gets in the way. Thanks for the reminder.

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