What Do You Do When Co-Worker Falls Asleep on Night Shift? - page 6

So, fellow night shifters, how do you handle it when someone you're working with falls asleep - not just doses off for a minute, but legitimately is in la-la land, sometimes a few times per shift?... Read More

  1. by   Kimmy_RN
    We are a small CSU of 9 beds.. our patients are the sickest of the sick. We cleaned out a storage room on our Unit and got it approved for a respite room. We have a couch, lamp, rug, end table, and massage chair in there. If someone needs to doze, they have someone babysit their patient while they clock out to nap. If there's an emgergency.. we grab them right quick. This works well for us. I rarely need a nap.. but once in a while.. life happens and you've been up for 48 hours. Our surgeons have Sleep rooms.. so we made one for our nurses! Maybe something like this would work on your unit?
  2. by   Aloe_sky
    On my unit there are a few nurses that are always falling asleep. I personally dont care and like another nurse mentioned, I may even attend to their patients if I'm not busy. What does get me mad is if I haven't taken my break and they have been off the unit for 2 to 3 hours to sleep. That REALLY gets me mad. I'd actually prefer they sleep at the nursing station at that point lol.

    I can't fall asleep at work, I'm never that tired and I'm too chicken lol.

    At our facility sleeping is a big no-no but that doesn't mean you won't see nurses sleeping at the nursing station or in an empty patients rooms! It happens literally every night on our unit. For the most part people may make comments to each other but it's never something that's brought up to the nurse or management.