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  1. Nxstage CRRT Documentation

    For our charting it says at the beginning of the hour document the I&Os from the previous hour (then the computer calculates what to program the CRRT machine to). Then in the next column it says at the end of the hour document the actua...
  2. Nxstage CRRT Documentation

    OK thank you! I’m just trying to wrap my head around why it’s not documented on the actual hour the fluid removal and pressures were measured. Did they ever explain?
  3. Nxstage CRRT Documentation

    that is my point, this is why I want feedback from nurses that run CRRT with nxstage. If not, I guess to understand is if dialysis is running from 2100 to 2159 and the nurse has been removing fluid for that hour, when the total output for that hour p...
  4. Nxstage CRRT Documentation

    I have a question for those that run NXStage CRRT regarding documentation. I’ve ran CRRT with nxstage for about 8 Years, at this new facility how I was taught to document makes absolutely zero sense to me. I reached out to the educator and asked how ...
  5. Sorry for the late response, that would be nice however we have full time charge nurses and part time charge nurses. It’s not, one day the pick and choose who to be charge, even the job posting is specific to being a charge nurse so it is a whole dif...
  6. Maybe you don’t, those aren’t requirements at my facility. Like I said, I have been asked to do charge and refuse. The charges don’t help the aides, they don’t help the nurses. They literally sit, do nothing and get paid. We are assigned 2 charts a w...
  7. Thanks! I’m wondering what these nurses are doing for 12hrs?!? on my unit they are Doing nothing for majority of the shift but online shopping!! I can easily sit and do nothing also as one of the most experienced but I refuse because it’s not fair. ...
  8. I’m becoming more and more negative when I walk into work. I love being a nurse and I love working in the ICU, the problem is my unit is INTENTIONALLY short, the whole hospital for that matter. When we want to pick up shifts there are only specific d...
  9. Falsely Accused Of Patient Neglect

    Next time ask the visitor to step out.
  10. Can Managers Override Policy and Drs Orders?!?

    Yes but can’t urinary retention also be a cause of UTIs? Can’t that also be a risk of bladder damage and kidney disease? Can’t straight cathing if not using proper technique also risk contamination and introduce bacteria into the bladder? we now ...
  11. Sleeping On Unit

    Yes definitely!
  12. Sleeping On Unit

    Update! After an investigation, they threw out the write up!! I’m happy but still upset, my manager and employee relations haven’t talked to me. Only got a message that “after an investigation, we have decided to discard the write up”.
  13. Can Managers Override Policy and Drs Orders?!?

    Since he just started this a few days ago, we have been straight cathing. However 1 nephrologist is very upset and insisted on my patient having a foley and a cardiologist insisted on another patient having a foley. the cardiologist had his nur...
  14. Can Managers Override Policy and Drs Orders?!?

    We were never able to place foleys for incontinence. We have to have an order for specific criterias….for patients that are hospice, retention (if the nurse has to straight cath 3 times in a row according to policy), for wounds that are in the peri-a...
  15. The charge nurses will literally throw a BIG fit for taking a patient, 1 will threaten to walk out. I blame management for allowing this behavior, it should be mandatory they take a patient before any staff nurse is tripled. They will sit there on t...