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Visiting nurse slapped with a parking ticket :-/

  1. 1 Hi everyone.I am a visiting nurse. I go to the homes of multiple patient's on a daily basis. Today I was slapped with a parking ticking for double parking my car while alternate side parking was in effect. I really tried to find a parking spot. I drove around the area for over hour. Parking is extremely difficult in and city/urban area. What is a visiting nurse suppose to do in such a case?I feel like nurses should be excuse/ exempt from such tickets while on duty. Humph!Anyway can you all give me any suggestion on how I can get out of paying this $115 ticket? #lifeinnyc
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  2. Poll: Do you think Visiting Nurses should be exempt fom parking violations while on duty?

    • Visiting nurses should never get tickets on duty, they are taking care of loved ones.

      25.53% 12
    • I don't know.

      6.38% 3
    • Visiting nurses should take full responsibility for finding somewhere to park, patients come 2nd.

      68.09% 32
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    Despite the fact that you drove around for one hour looking for parking, you still parked there knowing it was illegal or at least that you would be fined. That ticket is no surprise. I'm sure you knew you'd get a ticket if you parked there. Yes it sucks to be ticketed but ppl will be mad about a ticket whether they know they deserved it or not. You can always petition it. I've parked places where I wasn't sure if I was supposed to d/t confusing signage. I just found the website on the ticket and explained my situation, acknowledging everything that happened and my ticket was taken care of that same day.
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    Im not sure if you are familiar with NYC street parking. Besides that, You are right about knowing that I was not suppose to park there was no parking after an hour of searching. You know my only point is that nurses should have consideration while on duty so that patients can be seen in a timely fashion. Time is wasted and care is hindered when circling for parking for hours.
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    You kind of loaded your answers there. Anyone voting that nurses should get tickets too is also voting that pt care comes second.....
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    I've lost count of the parking tickets I have received because I have to go to work. My employer does not pay them. The client does not even sympathize with me or give me the visitor's tag they have. If I want to work, I pay the ticket if I get one. The tickets cost more than half of the pay I get for the day. Too bad for me. Now the moving violations I've received on two occasions coming home from work. Well, I don't have $1600. Too bad for me.
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    I have considered driving home and calling in when parking can not be found. Once, I parked so far away, I got lost and had to call the office to have them look on mapquest to give me directions. I walked and I walked to get to the house. I don't think either the employer or the client would find calling in because of lack of parking, acceptable.
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    You broke the rules, you knew you were parking illegally. Even nurses are not above the law. Sorry if that is not the answer you wanted.
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    I concur with Caliotter's experience. Where I live, we've got the City, the County, the Highway Patrol and various municipal jurisdictions that just love to keep the money flowing in. . . :-( Honestly I don't know what the solution is because I know nobody cares. Maybe a moped or a foldable bike in your car trunk if you have to park the next state over? Forgive the cynicism.
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    Yes a hassle I know. I was in this very little town in central Ca where a lot of migrant farm workers live and had my front tire a bit on a sloped curve in front of the pts house and got a ticket for that. When I got back in my car I tried to tell if I could sense when my wheel was on the curve........NOPE you can't tell . They were just collecting money just like the red light cameras that are not checked frequently enough for accurate timing. When you enter the intersection when the light is still yellow if the timing is OFF it could show you in violation of a red light..not a yellow..and you will never win in court so they basically got you. I am all for the red light cameras b/c they SAVE LIVES..but please make sure they are accurate.

    It is worth it to try and petition it. I did that with a parking ticket I got outside the hospital where I work...I was in a staff meeting that went over a few mins and I missed the cutoff by about 2 mins they actually dismissed it after I wrote a letter protesting it...WOW.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    I have considered driving home and calling in when parking can not be found. Once, I parked so far away, I got lost and had to call the office to have them look on mapquest to give me directions. I walked and I walked to get to the house. I don't think either the employer or the client would find calling in because of lack of parking, acceptable.
    I was waiting for the night nurse to show up one evening at 2315 or so when she called and said she was lost. I told my patient "R---- just called saying she got lost on the way. The patient told me, "but she's been working here for five years!" .

    Turns out the cops had closed her usual offramp and she had no idea how to find the house on surface streets. . . these things do happen . . .
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    If you're in NYC, why don't you use public transportation? It's way easier than finding on street parking. Just a thought.
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    You double parked, blocking another car from being able to get out onto the street. What if that car's driver had an emergency? What if its driver just wanted to go somewhere?

    It's frustrating to be unable to find a parking spot. Still, if you double park, there are consequences...
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    The ticket sucks, but you did park knowing there was a chance you would get ticket. Fight it. Go to the traffic court and explain. Usually they dismiss the ticket or may lessen the cost.

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